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Using a brand recognition survey to build brand awareness

Posted on 5/1/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A brand recognition survey can help you figure out how aware your prospects and customers are with your brand. But, what exactly is brand awareness?

It's simply the extent to which your prospects and consumers are familiar with your service or product. In other words, does your brand pop into your customers' head first when they're looking to buy the type of product you're selling?

Using survey software will help you create appealing and effective brand recognition surveys designed specifically for collecting feedback so you can determine if your customers do indeed recognize your brand and can associate it with the right services or products. This survey tool can also dig deeper than simply brand recognition.

You can also use these surveys as a tool for uncovering more information, like how your customers perceive your service or product and what your competitors may be doing. The results from a brand awareness survey can also help you better position yourself in the marketplace and hone in on your target audience, as well as spot trends and marketing opportunities you may have missed.

Benefits of a Brand Recognition Survey

Some benefits of brand recognition online survey software are:

- Gathering information and learning more about yours and your competition's strengths and weaknesses.
- Keeping your respondents engaged, like a real conversation, by asking one question at a time.
- Using the information you gather to launch new services or products.
- Strengthening your brand
- Obtaining instant results which lets you analyze the information quickly and move forward in action.

Tips for Building Effective Brand Awareness Surveys

1. Avert survey bias. Avoid using leading questions, since they have a tendency to push your respondents into answering your questions the way you want them to. This will provide inaccurate results. Your goal with a brand awareness survey is to do research and gather feedback, not sell something.

2. Utilize various types of questions. You want both quality and quantity of data with your surveys which will require you asking various types of questions.

3. Offer an incentive. Using an incentive like a contest, for example, is an effective survey tool to engage your customers and get them to fill out your survey.

4. Incorporate an emotional touch. You can increase your respondents' engagement and loyalty to your brand by adding an emotional story or image.

5. Use visuals. This can be in the form of your logo, colors of your brand or photos of your products. In the day and age of Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, these images can be especially effective.

One of the main goals of your brand recognition survey is to learn from your respondents. Whether its negative or positive feedback, you should know how familiar your customers and prospects are with your brand and how they perceive it. Brand recognition surveys are the perfect tool for doing this so you can use the valuable information you gather to improve your brand.

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