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Use quiz maker survey software to build engaging quizzes

Posted on 4/22/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

 Why should you conduct a quiz? The main answer is growth.

Thereare a couple of types of growth:

  • Professional or personal growth — corporate trainers or teachers helping individuals with new skills and knowledge
  • Business growth — entrepreneurs growing by obtaining and retaining customers

Marketing,psychology, education applications for quiz authoring solutions and quizzes arevast. When trying to come up with more engaging content, software communitieshave come up with a suite of tools for helping to compile and author questionsinto interactive quizzes and sharing them with a worldwide audience.

How to Use a Quiz Maker Survey Tool

Hereare some steps to use a quiz maker:

1. Create your Quiz

Youcan use established templates in the quiz maker to build your quiz.

2. Customize Your Quiz

Utilizeonline quiz tools in the survey software to:

  • Embed media
  • Include graphics
  • Define branching questions for personalizing the path of your users through your quiz
  • Add branding features, like logo, colors and more.

3. Share Your Quiz

Sharethe results of the quiz to the quiz takers automatically and create reportsthat break down the performance of different groups.

4. Analyze the Results

Usethe quiz maker's results track and report tool to monitor your completion rateand other metrics you're wanting to capture.

5. Score Your Results

Setyour point values, allowing the quiz maker to capture data automatically andcalculate the results during the quiz.

Benefits of Quiz Maker OnlineSurvey Software



Thequiz online survey software is a program helping you to create quizzes online.It lets you share your quiz through various channels, score the users and trackthe results. You can make your quiz as easy as conducting a classroom quiz oras a professional as a corporate assessment and training program. Regardless,an online quiz can help you begin quickly with advanced themes and designs thathelp to enrich the aesthetics of your quiz while creating engagement withfeatures like emojis, GIFs and videos.

Interactive Quiz Creation

Quizsurvey software comes with things like:

  • Conversational forms
  • Chat surveys
  • Video surveys

Thesehelp create visually engaging and captivating quizzes. Most come with featureslike contact parameters, variables and question piping, allowing you to engagethrough personalized conversations with your audience. You can provide yourrespondents with their progress through logic branching or let them know rightaway if they provided a wrong answer.

Take Quiz on Any Electronic Device

Youcan create quizzes that your respondents can access across any device whetherit's a smartphone, tablet or computer. Mobile-friendly quizzes ensurerespondents have a smooth experience.

Auto-Score and Customize Thank YouPages

Aquiz maker has a scoring feature that allows you to score different answers. Itadds and displays the scores at the end on your customized thank you page. Youcan personalize and add multiple thank you pages which are based on totalscores.

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