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Use of employee satisfaction surveys to engage and empower employees

Posted on 12/8/2010 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Almost every employer is interested in the "pulse" of his employees. One way businesses get a handle on the "employee climate" is through employee satisfaction surveys. Employee satisfaction surveys not only provide insight into employee commitment, compensation satisfaction, motivation and culture, but are helpful in identifying problems -- before they become serious.

An employee survey, which is administered as an online survey using survey software, help to diagnosis issues, treat conundrums, and prevent future problems. The use of a survey tool to collect employee surveys is also important when a company is in the midst of change; be it due to layoffs, takeover, or internal restructuring. Studies suggest that customer satisfaction is linked to employee attitude, especially in a customer-focused company. Since employees are the backbone of most organizations, asking employees "what's on their mind" periodically is a great investment.

Ideally, an employee satisfaction survey form should target your organization's main concerns. Online surveys of employee satisfaction generally cover such areas as: the employee's level of trust in the company and management, the employee's relationship with both his peers and supervisor, the employee's satisfaction with her level of authority and responsibility in her job, the magnitude of which the employee's needs are satisfied, compensation and benefits issues such as salary, paid time off, vacation, health care, retirement benefits and more.

There are many question types that are commonly used in employee satisfaction surveys, including yes/no, multiple choice and ranking. It's also helpful to include open-ended questions when using survey software to construct your online survey. To achieve the best employee satisfaction survey results, open-ended questions should not necessarily invoke a positive or negative response, but a combination of questions is recommended. For example, questions such as "what do you like most about our company" or "what do you like least about your job" are good examples of questions that are worthwhile to create with the survey tool. These types of open-ended questions allow the employee to vent, which may give you more insight into the exact cause of any dissatisfaction, or satisfaction for that matter. An employee satisfaction survey questionnaire allows employees to suggest improvements; oftentimes employees have excellent suggestions to improve productivity, efficiency, or corporate climate.

Employee satisfaction surveys should be small enough that they can be taken within 30 minutes if possible. Using survey software allows you to create a sophisticated online survey, which is convenient for employees to complete. Online survey set up using survey software are cheaper, faster, and have been found to generate a high response rate. Today, survey software is state-of-the-art and can be customized for the particular needs of any business.

An employee satisfaction survey tool provides a means for management to receive timely information on the "state of the union" in order to develop action plans to correct employee problems before they impact the company's bottom line. Remember, a satisfied employee is one that is self-motivated to perform at his highest level, which in turn helps the organization to prominently compete locally, nationally or globally. There's also a difference between a satisfied employee, one who is complacent with his working conditions, job duties, pay and benefits, and an engaged employee, one who is an advocate for your organization.

Make every employee of your company an engaged employee through the use of employee satisfaction surveys.

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