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Use marketing survey software for better business results

Posted on 8/13/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Just about everyone is familiar with the catch-phrase "Survey Said" from the popular game show Family Feud. After all, this year TV Guide ranked the show at the number three greatest game show ever. While the Family Feud surveys only surveys 100 people per topic, it still offers an important lesson: When you want to know how someone thinks about something, just ask.

In business, and particularly in marketing, this translates to surveying your existing customers or prospective customers to determine how they feel about your products, services, or competitors. And with today's advanced online survey software, marketers aren't limited to a population of 100. They can target hundreds to thousands (or more) of respondents to tap into the larger population.

Marketers need a large enough population to sample in order to ensure they can make generalities about their target market. And online survey software helps them to do just that. It also helps to maximize survey respondent response rates because surveys questions can be designed in an easy-to-understand format.

A marketing survey is a powerful survey tool feedback mechanism that can help businesses extract valuable insights from their target audience, with the end goal of capturing more business through better marketing efforts. It is used to assess the target population's beliefs, opinions and attitudes to in turn predict future market behavior, including buying preferences and buying intentions. The marketing survey is also used to determine price points, and whether a new proposed product line or product feature is desired by customers.

One thing to keep in mind is that creating an effective marketing survey can be complicated without the use of online survey software. Remember, the success of your survey is only as good as the information and data you collect and how you use the data of course.

To get the most reliable data, you need your marketing survey respondents to be as forthcoming and candid as possible when giving their respondents. When surveys are conducted online and anonymously, there is a method to extract more honest and unblurred responses than you can get from practically any other research methodology method. This holds even more water when your marketing survey tool clearly makes it known that survey responses are entirely anonymous and will remain completely confidential.

The design, formatting, wording, and question order -- to name just a few things -- can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing survey, both in terms of your survey's response rate and the accuracy of the information obtained. That's just one of the reasons why using an online survey software platform is so much sought after.

All-in-all, advanced survey software solutions have let countless companies use quantitative marketing surveys to collect, analyze, and effectively use information to formulate strategies to increase customer satisfaction, create bulls-eye marketing strategies, and improve profits. Executed strategically, marketing survey research provides market researchers with the reliable and useful information they need to make better and more calculated market strategy decisions.
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