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Use a training evaluation survey to measure effectiveness

Posted on 7/11/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

While experience is a valuable asset in an employee, it’s only useful if the individual has received effective training. Companies striving for excellence understand that it is only possible through a solid training program. After all, this is what enables new and long-standing employees to be able to correctly use technology within the company, improve intercommunication and allow them to be able to better promote the services you offer. 

Perhaps the best way to determine whether your training program has really equipped an employee with what they need to be able to successfully do their job is through a training evaluation survey. These days, not every business uses use training evaluation surveys — but those that they do experience growth.

Why Conduct A Training Evaluation Survey

Training evaluation surveys can offer several benefits to your organization. Just think — When you plan out training and development programs for your employees, these endeavors are done to help improve productivity and to increase retention rates. After all, an unprepared employee is one who doesn’t generate any revenue.

A training evaluation survey will help you determine whether your company’s training program has proven effective. Also, post evaluation training lets you know whether you need to alter your training program. This may be through gauging the difficulty of the training program you have designed or determining whether the individuals you’ve put in positions to teach are able to adequately (or exceedingly) fill that role.

Training Evaluation Survey Software

How exactly do you create an evaluation survey that will help you determine whether your employee has learned skills that they will be able to use in the real world? You have the option of using an online survey software that creates interactive and engaging surveys that are accessible through an online interface. This type of survey tool allows you to incorporate your brand’s colors and logos and launch the survey via a web host or through email, for examples.

When creating an evaluation survey you want to be sure to pose questions that will give you valuable insight. Check out these four elements that your survey should include:

* User feedback on how effective the training participants believed the program was. Be sure to ask them what they feel were the worst and best aspects.

* Inquire about the way content was delivered. Is the content easy to understand and was the instructor able to deliver it effectively?

* Ask them to rate the training process based on engagement.

* Ask for suggestions for improvements in future training modules and session.

Of course, when creating a training evaluation questionnaire you’ll want to make sure that it includes an open-ended question, which allows the employee to be able to express themselves and provide you with important insight. Sometimes, you might be surprised by what improvements offerings training participants can provide.

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