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Understanding your employees through a motivation survey using online survey software

Posted on 2/27/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Do you know if your employees are engaged and motivated about their work? Are they aiming to do their very best?

The performance of any company really depends on how engaged their employees are. One way to measure your employee's motivation and engagement is by sending out a motivation survey to learn how they feel about their job and what you can do to improve their experience.

Your employees' engagement is the extent to which they feel involved and valued in their daily work. Ultimately, it comes down to whether they feel invested in your company's success and mission.

Conducting an employee motivation survey through online survey software doesn't just measure how content your employees are, it also measures their dedication to the outcome of your company. It's also a great way to spot areas in your company you can improve.

When employees are engaged with their jobs and daily work, they're more motivated and fulfilled. This usually results in nearly 22 percent higher productivity levels in some cases, according to a Harvard Business Review article.

Therefore, employee engagement is vital to your company's success.

What an Employee Motivation Survey Measures

A good employee motivation survey tool measures certain factors, including:

Career development: It's great for employees to be ambitious. In fact, ambitious employees can be the most productive and self-motivated members of your team. But, they need to be clear about their advancement opportunities in their career. Are you providing adequate support through mentoring and educational opportunities? Conducting employee motivation survey software can help you determine if your employees are clear about the support they require to advance in their career.

Leadership behavior: Leadership can make or break employee motivation and engagement. It's important that you provide effective leadership at all of your organization's levels. Your managers should communicate well, articulate company values and follow up with appropriate actions. Around 14 percent of employees agree they're inspired to improve when they receive performance reviews. A good employee motivation survey will measure habits like these.

Nature of work: Most individuals like to be challenged in their everyday work. The boredom of work can lead to lackluster performance and employees who are not engaged. On the other hand, challenging work can be tremendously motivating for employees, particularly if they can clearly see how their work supports the performance of the company. Only two in 10 employees agree their performance is managed to the point it motivates them to do their best work. Employee motivation surveys should ask employees how motivating and challenging their work is. Using open-ended questions can allow employees to offer beneficial insight into the factors that motivate them -- and demotivate them.

Remember, just measuring how engaged your employees are is not enough to encourage an engaged workforce. You have to read their feedback, uncover ways to improve and take action with employee engagement strategies. And using online survey software can help you achieve all of this and more.

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