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Types of training survey questions you should consider in your evaluations

Posted on 7/27/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

You can acquire essential data from training participants by conducting a survey which may be done using online survey software before or after a training session. You may use this information to enhance the quality and efficacy of your training by asking participants to share their opinions, expectations, and experiences through training surveys.

Below are the types of training survey questions:


A pre-training survey is a particular kind of survey that is carried out ahead of a training session. It is a helpful method for determining the trainees' expectations and understanding and for introducing them to the training's goals and objectives.


All effective pre-training surveys contain a few open-ended questions with space for written answers. Although the answers to these questions can take some time to understand, they provide helpful information.

A hybrid open/closed-ended question may include an open-ended inquiry with an optional marking. For example, you may have respondents to your survey mark the categories of abilities they wish to improve and then provide a list of possibilities, such as "Leadership skills, management skills, customer service, and technical skills." Then, you might include a section for "Other skills" and allow responders to propose additional skills. A survey tool can also be utilized for this purpose.

Open-ended questions include the following:

• What prospects do you have for this training program?
• Which subjects would you like to study more in training?
• Which skills would you like this training to help you develop?

Closed Ended

Closed-ended questions offer a clear right and wrong response, making them perfect for posing factual, objective queries. An example of closed-ended survey questions for a training session is:

Look up the most accurate description of your company's size:

• 10 -100 employees
• 100 and more employees

Single Choice

A respondent may choose one and only one answer option while using the single answer format. You may activate the ‘allow one answer checkbox’ to make your question a single answer.

Multiple Choice

A respondent may choose from a variety of answers while using the multiple-answer style. By adjusting the validation options discussed after this section, you can restrict the number of options the respondent is permitted to choose. You can use the ‘Allow multiple answers' check box to make your question multiple choices.


Post-training survey or evaluation is an essential component of a successful training program. You may make modifications and prepare for future courses with the help of participant feedback, which can also be used to evaluate how well your training was received. The greatest method to improve your training and ensure it achieves its objectives and is cost-effective is to conduct post-training surveys.


Surveying the participants is one of the most popular approaches to evaluating a training exercise's success. Conducting a training survey is one of the easiest and most economical ways to determine whether the conditions are appropriate for training.

The importance of a training survey is equal to that of the training itself. Therefore, you must be attentive to details and take extra care to complete them correctly. Once you understand the details and can customize it to the requirements of the training context, creating a training survey is reasonably simple, especially with the use of visitor survey and survey software.

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