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Types of consumer surveys you should be doing in 2021

Posted on 2/3/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
There are literally hundreds of survey types you can run, but most consumer market research is done through the use of only a handful of market research online survey software formats. Below are eight different types of consumer surveys you can look into.

1. Product Feedback

Basically, a product survey tool is something you use if you're looking to learn what your customers think about your products. You can run a product feedback survey before you even launch your product to see what consumers really need and want or launch one after you've launched it.

2. New Concept Testing

Concept testing survey software helps you assess product development, a claim or message or an ad campaign by obtaining feedback from consumer segments making up your target market. You’ll find out likes and dislikes before too much time, money, and effort is invested in a new concept, whether it’s for a product or service.

3. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is where you identify your competitors and assess the methods, they're using to get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses relative to yours. When you conduct competitor analysis, it helps you identify your leading competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

4. Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty surveys usually contain questions revolving around brand satisfaction, customer feedback, and brand reliability, which are essential for any business. Customer loyalty helps businesses thrive, and often includes word-of-mouth referrals which can fuel growth exponentially.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveys measure your existing customers' satisfaction levels with your services or products. They are usually shorter surveys that you send out at a specific point in time, like after a purchase is made.

6. Marketing Advertising Surveys

You use marketing advertising surveys for understanding who your competitors are and reasons behind why you might be losing market share and business to them. These surveys can also inform you as to how effective your advertising messaging really is.

7. Brand Surveys

These can help you see how customers perceive your brand and what ideas and values they most associate with it. They allow you to assess what value your brand offers and if people would pick your brand over your competitors within your market.

8. Customer Intention - Purchase Analysis Survey

These are focused on understanding your existing customers. What motivates consumers to go from “being interested” to actually purchasing a product? This is important for understanding customer commitment, loyalty, and conversion.

Surveys aren't a stand-alone solution. You don’t do one and you're done. For the best results, you conduct surveys frequently, and deploy different types that are most relevant and helpful for your business. You use them alongside other strategies too, like field studies, focus groups, market analysis, and observation to help you obtain a really clear picture of your market and make a decision on which direction you'll want to take next.
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