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Types of business surveys to propel growth in 2019

Posted on 1/30/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
When it comes to growing your business in the new year, surveys can offer business owners and management a wide range of benefit and value. There are different types of business survey options that can help you achieve goals, glean vital information, and learn how effective existing strategies for your business have been.

These are some of the surveys that can help fuel your growth in 2019 and beyond. You can utilize these surveys easily with online survey software and make adjustments within the survey software to ask specific questions according to the type of survey you wish to conduct, and specific to the industry your business performs.

Job Satisfaction Surveys

Job satisfaction is critical for companies interested in growth. Employees who are happy and engaged in their work deliver better performance, experience less absenteeism, and go out of their way to help make your business grow. Beyond that, they are more likely to remain in their positions longer, costing your organizations less in turnover costs, retention fees and onboarding expenses.

Exit Interview Surveys

Regardless of everything else, there are times when employees simply leave. If you’re losing good employees, you need to understand why they are leaving. Afterall, your employees are one of your strongest, if not strongest, assets.

For some employees exiting your company, it will be a matter of spousal relocations, retirement, family circumstances, or even health. When it’s not one of these reasons, however, it is important to understand why to aid your future growth.

With the right questions loaded in your survey tool you can gain a better understanding of whether employees are leaving for greener pastures or if there are changes you need to make within your organization.

Marketing Research Surveys

These are customer focused surveys that help you better gauge how customers feel about existing products, products you’re considering making, and products about to be released on the open market. The same goes if you’re a service-oriented business.

The key with these types of surveys is to avoid leading customers and ask questions that invite honest feedback about the products your business offers and services it delivers.

Customer Experience Surveys

While you can’t stand behind your employees 24/7 to make sure they’re dotting all their “I’s” crossing all their “T’s” and treating your customers the way you want them to, customer experience surveys allow your customers to provide direct feedback as to how your employees are treating your customers when you can’t be around.

Use them wisely when considering promotions and to make staffing changes within your organization. They can also be instrumental in identifying policy changes you may need as well.

Online surveys might not seem like they’d make that much of a difference for your organization. The truth of the matter is that you gain valuable insight about your organization, how well it is performing for customers and staff alike, and what your future has in store if you use surveys wisely.
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