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Types of B2B online surveys you should be conducting

Posted on 1/13/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

As a marketer, you need to have a detailed understanding of the needs and interests of your audience to stay current, grow your business, and improve your customers' experience. Sadly, a lot of businesses are working with a surface-level or outdated view of their customers, rather than a in-depth or current analysis.

However, a simple fix for this is sending out B2B surveys with online survey software. Whether you know it or not, these types of surveys help marketers reach their business goals. But which types of B2B surveys should you be using?

Types of B2B Surveys you Should Conduct

Some types of B2B surveys you might want to incorporate into your business strategy are:

1. Market research: This survey tool helps you identify who your real competitors are, the type of services they're offering, and which opportunities you can benefit from.

2. Brand research: With this survey, you will learn how your brand is perceived in the marketplace as well as where the opportunities are located. Use the data from these surveys to strengthen your brand and differentiate your business. You might also be able to find out how other competitor brands are perceived in the marketplace.

3. Client satisfaction research: This survey will inform you of how happy your customers are with your company and service/products.

4. Client research: Find out what your prospects and current customers want and the way in which you can provide it for them. Use the data gathered for adjusting your marketing messages, operations, and services to meet the evolving and changing marketplace needs.

5. Client persona research: Customer persona profiles are a detailed representation of your target audience. Who are the individuals that purchase your products or services or influence the people making the final decisions? What are the messages they should be hearing? Persona research helps you figure out and profile them so you can make your sales and marketing more persuasive.

Survey software helps marketers know and gain an understanding of their target audience. They can help reveal essential details regarding your target audience. If you're asking the proper questions, you can use the responses you receive through your surveys to inform your most crucial marketing strategies and activities.

When you conduct a B2B survey, it's essential you survey multiple relationship levels. Sure, you want to know what the real decision-makers think, but you'll also want to gain an understanding of how your daily and procurement contracts are interacting with you. For instance, you might wish to identify if account reps are knowledgeable, if they intend on renewing their contract, and if invoices are correct.

B2B surveys have a different approach than regular business-to-consumer surveys. While online survey software might be used efficiently with both populations, you might also have to use a phone B2B survey strategy to supplement your online surveys. For small B2B populations, using various deployment methodologies is essential and to make sure you achieve accurate information across various reporting groups.

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