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Types and benefits of online business surveys using survey software

Posted on 1/23/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Businesses, whether large, mid-sized, small, or field of specialty, have one thing in common: making good decisions. But making good decisions aren't typically made by happenstance. Instead, choices are made based upon an informed decision making process. Business surveys is one of the most useful tools businesses can use to make informed decision and help them propel their business forward.

Benefits of Online Business Surveys

The benefits of implementing a survey for your business are plentiful. Not only can you gain insights into your customer demographics from deploying a business survey, but you can bounce new product or service ideas off your target customers. You can learn what features of your website are causing frustrations with your website customers, and utilize this feedback to take steps to improve your website. Getting insight into up-and-coming trends or what your competitors are doing are just two other benefits of business surveys. The respondents to your business surveys don't have to be external however. Business surveys can also be targeted to your employees, with the end goal of improving productivity and your company's bottom line.

Types of Online Business Surveys

There are a myriad of types of business surveys that can be designed from online survey software. Below are the three most common, although these aren't the only business survey toolsl:

Customer Satisfaction Business Survey - Today's business marketplace is more competitive than ever. And when you add the infusion of social media, customers have a center stage platform to voice their opinions about your company and it's products and services, whether good or bad. It's not just about satisfying the customer today, businesses must actively engage their customers. A customer satisfaction survey tool can help you do just that.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Most any company cannot be a success if it wasn't for the skills, talent, and dedication of its employees. However, if employees aren't happy with their jobs or the company they work for, they will either a) not put their full heart and soul into their work (translation: lackluster work performance) or b) they will seek greener company pastures. Both scenarios result in productivity curtailment. An employee satisfaction survey can help business owners and managers find out what the obstacles are to high morale or what the culprits are to high employee turnover.

Off shoots of employee satisfaction surveys, include the 360 degree feedback survey and exit interview surveys. In addition, an employee business improvement survey is designed to obtain specific recommendations from employees on improving areas of your business. This can bring to light areas of discontent that you may not be aware of, whether it's in training, work processes and procedures, or employee perks and benefits.

Marketing Survey - Sometimes it just comes down to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign that determines the ultimate success of your business. A marketing survey seeks to measure how well your marketing will work or did work. A marketing survey can target the effectiveness of your website (whether online or mobile website), test your latest advertising campaign, or zero in on the best price point for your product or services, to name just a few applications of a marketing survey.

Final Thoughts

Many business owners fail to realize that running a successful business isn't solely driven by the blood, sweat, and tears they put into their company. It also depends on what the employees think about their jobs and customers think about their products and services. Make sure you don't miss out on all pieces of the business success puzzle, by implementing a business survey using online survey software in 2013.

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