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Two common types of satisfaction surveys conducted using online survey software

Posted on 4/25/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The goal of any satisfaction survey is to determine the level of satisfaction among those who use the services or products. It's measured by calculating the variation between the expected quality and actual quality received. Areas of dissatisfaction are identified and analyzed to implement plans for improvement.

A satisfaction survey can be designed and administered in a number of ways. With today's technology, satisfaction surveys are most commonly designed through survey software and administered as an online survey.

There are many types of satisfaction surveys including product satisfaction surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, student satisfaction surveys, and client satisfaction surveys, to name just a few. Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are some of the most common types of satisfaction surveys.

 Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In a customer satisfaction survey, an organization is interested in collecting market research to hear opinions, learn about competitors, or get more feedback on trends.

Insights from customers can also help to improve customer loyalty. That is, an indirect or secondary benefit of conducting customer satisfaction surveys is a renewed commitment to a company and its products and services.

Another reason for using a survey tool to run satisfaction surveys is to gauge interest in a new product or service that a company plans to launch by obtaining wisdom of the masses.

To obtain the most relevant and accurate feedback in a customer satisfaction questionnaire, administer the survey using online survey software while the customer experience is fresh in their mind. Otherwise, the customer may not remember critical details of the consumer interaction, get confused with other consumer experiences with other companies, or give answers that may be skewed by later interactions. Time of sale, time of service, or very short after are the optimal time to administer this type of surveys.

Feedback from customers and clients is a crucial component of running a successful business. It allows businesses to make sure that their customer support, products and services are right on track. Without customer feedback, you may be making decisions that go against your customer's views and wishes.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys are another popular type of satisfaction survey, and are beneficial to any organization that has employees. Overall, employee satisfaction surveys can help organizations reduce employee turnover, increase retention, improve morale, increase employee productivity, and simply improve employee job and company satisfaction. They can also be used to see what motivates employees and what drives their loyalty. When areas of dissatisfaction are identified and organizational leaders take specific actions to improve these areas, employee job satisfaction often increases because they know their issues are being addressed.

Anonymity is often the best approach when administering employee satisfaction surveys? Why, chances are employees won't give their deep down honest unbiased opinions if they know their response can be traced back to them. Anonymizing the employee satisfaction survey gives employees the confidence and privacy they need to provide their most candid feedback.

Overall, satisfaction surveys can be an excellent tool to improve organizational effectiveness by surveying customers and employees satisfaction through obtaining data about attitudes, opinions, views, and perceptions.

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