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Training evaluation survey benefits and best practices

Posted on 10/3/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
When we think about training evaluation, we often think about evaluating a trainer or training program after the completion of the course, classroom instruction, or program. While that has its merits, focusing on that and only that is a mistake. For maximum benefit, training evaluation should be considered on a broader, more comprehensive scale.

Any organization that invests time, money, and effort into training programs for employees, should also invest in training evaluation. The benefits of evaluating the effectiveness of training are many:

* Maximizes training return on investment (ROI)

* Helps evaluate training method effectiveness (i.e. classroom, web-based, phone-based, or on-the-job)

* Boosts employee morale

* Improves organization productivity

* Improves employee performance 

Training Evaluation Methods

The most common, and effective, training evaluation method is through a training evaluation survey tool. Typically, this form is a short questionnaire that trainees complete shortly after they complete training. While the old-school method was to hand out a paper with a list of questions, the more modern and beneficial approach is to use survey software to construct a training evaluation survey. In this way, data obtained from the training evaluation survey tool can not only be more easily analyzed and categorized, but trends can be spotted.

Common areas delved into in building a training evaluation survey with online survey software include how well the trainer delivered the concepts, how well the training program met the needs and learning objectives of the participant, and what knowledge and skills did the trainee gain as a result of the program. Of course there are others, which vary depending on the objectives of the program and needs of your organization.

Training evaluation also helps to ensure participants can implement what they learned in their job duties. It also helps trainers recognize a need for improvement in their training skills, content, or method of delivery.

A well-thought out training evaluation survey can assist the training program designer in removing unnecessary training content, adding important content, or changing the way the training is delivered simply by analyzing the results of the survey.

A collaborative effort in the evaluation of training programs helps ensure full participation and builds commitment and acceptance to making future training program improvements. That is, all training program participants, including employees, trainers, supervisors, managers, and company leaders should support the evaluation process.

A training evaluation survey is part of a systematic and continual process of assessing the effectiveness and value a a training course, program, or initiative. Outcomes of the evaluation are used by decision makers and trainers to adjust various components of the training program, including content, design, delivery, and follow-up.

Making evaluation an integral part of the training program is key to improving the effectiveness of training, as is conducting training evaluation surveys on a regular basis.

In the end, companies can, and should, use an online survey tool as an ongoing learning and management strategy to improve an organization's effectiveness and move ahead faster in its respective industry.

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