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Track the success of your training program with a training evaluation survey

Posted on 6/3/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
As most businesses know, employee training programs can cost more than a few dollars. From compensating an instructor to lead a training workshop to paying for employees' time to attend a training session, training programs are a commitment of time and resources. That's why it's important to track the success of the training program. While you may not be able to fully evaluate the successfulness of a training program until your trained employees are working their job responsibilities, you can take a proactive step to measuring your training effectiveness by implementing a training survey tool.

When developing an online survey using survey software for training program evaluation, it's important to consider all aspects of the participants' experiences in training. This not only includes instructor knowledge, but also evaluation of his delivery approach and style. Content, scheduling, and training facilities should also be included in the evaluation online survey.

Importance of Early Feedback

Collecting training evaluation feedback early by utilizing training survey software will ensure that the content is fresh in the trainees' minds. It's a good idea to develop a training survey tool ahead of training so you can obtain immediate employee feedback as soon as the training is completed. You can obtain insightful information and initial impressions by asking questions such as: “I thought my training instructor was knowledgeable" or "I thought my training instructor was properly prepared".

Importance of Later Feedback

To fully evaluate how effective your training program was at preparing employees for their job duties, you should conduct a training evaluation survey after your workers are accustomed to their work duties. It's important to track the long-term effects of the training. There's valuable information that can be retrieved even after a few months have passed. Once your employees have a few months under their belts, they can better assess how the training enabled them to perform their job duties and responsibilities.

Benefits of Online survey Training Evaluation

The benefits of an online survey training evaluation are numerous. From improved productivity to speaker recognition, training surveys have a solid place in the overall development and administration of training programs. For instance, take a look at these benefits:

* Reward instructor and speakers who receive favorable ratings
* Enhance training staff cohesiveness
* Ensures training quality
* Invites greater trainee attendance
* Improves trainee productivity
* Reduce costs through increase productivity
* Coach training staff for improved performance
* Quickly address training problems or roadblocks
* Increases participatory learning
* Motivates training staff for peak performance

Over at least the past decade, the use of survey software for training surveys and instructor evaluations has soared. Due to increasing technological advances, companies can receive thorough training program feedback through online surveys more quickly than ever before. No more handing out papers to all training participants and manually compiling results, all of which were tedious and time consuming. What's more, companies can analyze the data more easily through online survey software, and at a fraction of the time and cost it had taken in the past.

All-in-all, training evaluation survey evaluations conducted as an online survey allows you to be more competitive with others in your industry by improving worker productivity, making more informed training program decisions, and giving employees the knowledge and tools for peak performance.
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