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Top ten reasons to implement a consumer survey

Posted on 10/12/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Consumer surveys can provide your business witha lot of information you wouldn’t get otherwise. There are now softwareprograms that make it easy not only to create and distribute the survey, but totrack the results as well. Here are some of the top reasons you shouldimplement a consumer survey.

1. You Learn More About Your Customers

Speaking generally, online survey software allows you to learn a lot about your customers. You know who they are, wherethey come from, and the types of products they buy. It gives you moreinformation about your consumers both as a broad category of people, and asindividuals to learn of the different types of customers you have.

2. The Survey Teaches You Why Consumers AreLoyal

Something people don’t often think about iscustomer loyalty. It is easier to hold onto a customer than to get a new one, socustomer loyalty is extremely important. With the survey, you can ask questionsthat let you know what makes a customer stick with the same business and makemultiple purchases.

3. Learn About the Awareness of Your Brand

If you are curious about your brand and thetype of impact it is having on consumers, you can find that out during thesurvey. It lets you see how aware consumers are to your brand with brands ofyour competitors.

4. Find Out What Your Strengths and WeaknessesAre

There is always room for improvement, and ithelps to know what these areas are directly from your customers. Ask survey questions thatlet the customer tell you the best qualities and worst qualities of yourbusiness, whether it be customer service, order fulfillment or product andservice quality. This gives you a place to start when making adjustments.

5. What Makes a Customer Decide to Purchase Something

You might also be wondering what actuallyinfluences a customer to make a purchase. This information is valuable as itcan help you to make some adjustments to your marketing plan or website andencourage more purchases in the future.

6. You Can Learn the Method Customer's Use For Purchases

If you have a website that looks great on acomputer, but lacks in overall quality or navigation ease with a mobile device,it might be hurting your business. With survey software, you find out themethod customers use to purchase your products. If a high percentage of themuse a smartphone or tablet, make sure your website works good on those otherdevices.

7. Find Out Why Customers Would Try a NewBusiness

While you want to hold onto your currentcustomers, you can’t grow without gaining new ones. It is good to create asurvey that allows you to find out why consumers will choose a brand newbusiness and what makes them make that first purchase.

8. Ask if Customers Would Recommend You

A good portion of your business can be fromword-of-mouth, so don’t forget to ask on the survey whether or not yourcustomers would recommend your business to others. If not, this gives you insightinto ways you might need to improve.

9. Know if There is a Need For Your Types ofProducts or Services

Are you sure there is a big market or need forthe products or services you provide? You can word your survey in a way thatlets you find out this vital information.

10. Learn More About an Untapped Market ofConsumers

Finally, the survey can give you moreinformation about what market you are in. Perhaps there is an untapped marketof potential customers you haven’t yet targeted that could help your businessgrow.

With this information, you know where to startwhen using your survey tool to craft a good consumer survey.
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