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Top questions to ask in your employees satisfaction survey

Posted on 1/11/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Behind every successful company there’s usually a happy employee that helped make it happen. Satisfied employees make for more successful companies. The turnover is low and the reviews and recommendations are high. A satisfied employee is one that will be more engaged in their job and be more productive. If you’re interested in finding out if your employees are satisfied, the best way to do this is to conduct a survey. However, you must ask the right questions in the survey tool.

Are you pleased with the culture of the company?

Employers may be surprised to find out that it’s not just pay and benefits that make an employee happy. Oftentimes it’s the overlooked factors such as the work environment, the office culture and relationships between coworkers. If none of these factors are getting good marks among your employees, chances are your employees aren’t satisfied with their jobs.

Would you refer another person to work here?

This is a biggie. When people like something they refer it. They tell others. It’s the same with jobs. If your employees are happy, they’ll tell others who are looking for a job. And if they’re unhappy, they’ll tell that too.

What reason would you have for quitting tomorrow?

This is a great question to ask and shows what employees are frustrated with at work. Difficult boss, lack of transparency, lack of communication and lack of opportunities for advancement will all be some of the first things that show up for this question. The answers will let you know if your employee plans to stay around or is perhaps looking for another job.

In five years, do you still think you’ll be working here?

This is another great question which should really be your first question. If your employee can’t see working at your company for the next five years, that’s a problem. Five years is not that long of a time period, but it is to someone who doesn’t like their job.

Are you getting enough opportunities for career development and promotions with our company?

Most employees today are looking to advance or move up in a company, especially one they like working at. If they can see opportunities for promotions then they’re more likely to stay even if they don’t care too much about their current job. If there’s an opportunity to do something they really like doing later on, they’ll stay around long enough to advance. However, if there’s a lack of opportunity, then they’re not likely to stay around for long.

Do we provide you with adequate technology and tools to perform your job well?

If an employee is forced to work with inadequate supplies and technology, this can make it difficult to be a satisfied employee.

Most people love to work when they enjoy their job and work environment. You can find this out by asking the right questions using online survey software. Helpful feedback will allow you to adjust work conditions for the better.
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