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Top market research survey questions using online survey software

Posted on 4/30/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
You'll only get the answers you need by asking the right questions when you use a job survey or survey tool for your online marketing efforts. But what are the right questions?

Types of Questions

With survey software, setting up a poll or a marketing survey is simple. Writing out the questions can be more complicated.

You have a range of choices for your questions, including:

Open ended questions: Giving the responder a choice in how long his answer is, the form it takes and what he says.

Close ended questions: With these, the form is already decided. The responder answers from pre-determined possibilities, including multiple choice or yes and no.

Scaled questions: These will measure an answer on a spectrum. These can include agree/not agree, two opposites like strong/weak, very bad/excellent or event emoticons with a range of expressions from frowns to smiles.

Qualitative or Quantitative

Basically, every question is either qualitative, meaning it tells you why, or it is quantitative like who and what. If you need statistics when you set up a poll using online survey software, use quantitative questions, which are always closed ended.

When you are starting research on a product or need, qualitative questions are the way to go. They tend to tire responders out, so you need to use them in limited amounts.

Demographic Information

It helps to ask demographic questions in your basic marketing survey. Inserted naturally into the list of drier questions, will usually be answered. This gives you useful and relevant information that help with future marketing efforts.

Typical demographic questions can include asking a person's name, if they are male or female, their age or age range, and if they are married or single.

Lifestyle Information

Lifestyle information can help immensely with marketing campaigns. Asking questions about how the responder came across ads and product information provides you with data on how best to reach them. You can insert questions like how many hours a person watches TV, surf the internet, or read a magazine using a mobile device.

Ask about how they spend their money and time. These include questions like asking how often they visit museums, take vacations or go to movies.

If your product has to do with recreation, insert questions about the types of physical and outdoor activities they enjoy. These can include what types of sports do you play, what type of physical fitness methods they use, and if they enjoy sports like skiing or hiking.

Buying Patterns

For marketing campaigns, you need to know what and when people buy. That's the time to use buying pattern questions.

These include questions like asking what their typical budget for a specific product is, where do they go to look for certain goods, if they ever buy particular products and how far they would travel to buy a product.

Depending on the type of survey you are putting together, you will use a variety of questions. These are just a sample. What you ask depends a great deal on the size of your business, what industry it is in, and if it's a startup or in the growth phase.

Wording your survey correctly can produce useful information for marketing and improving products and business productivity.
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