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Tips for Creating an Effective Brand Recognition Survey

Posted on 6/24/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips

A brand recognition survey is an essential tool to determine how aware prospective customers are with your brand. It’s designed to ascertain how familiar your current customers and future prospects are with your products and services. It can also give you clues on how your competitors are doing, how to position yourself better in the marketplace, spot trends, and nail down your target audience.

When you use survey software to create your brand recognition survey, you realize several advantages. For one thing, you can highlight your brand on every page of the website survey by including your logo and color scheme.

Advantages of Using a Brand Recognition Survey

Some benefits of creating a brand recognition survey using online survey software include:

• Customer engagement. Keeping engaged respondents by designing the brand recognition survey like a conversation, asking one question at a time.
• Strengthen your brand. The simple act of sending out a brand recognition survey strengthens your brand.
• Learning about your market. A brand recognition survey can not only help you learn about your own brand awareness, but your competitor’s as well.
• Quick feedback. Let’s face it, time is money. A brand recognition survey created with online survey software is fast to design and deploy, allowing you to gather feedback (and implement changes) rapidly.

Tips for Creating an Effective Brand Awareness Survey

• Ward off survey bias. Survey bias can happen in all types of surveys, including brand recognition surveys. To avert this form of bias, avoid utilizing leading questions that could sway a respondent to answer one way or another. Provide them with accurate information in each question that will enable them to give honest feedback. With a brand recognition survey, you’re not attempting to sell a product or survey, you're instead desiring to gather feedback to improve you marketing efforts and products/services.
• Offer an incentive. An incentive can persuade a respondent to take the time to answer your brand awareness survey.
• Vary questions. It’s a good idea to mix up your question types. You can have yes/no questions and multiple choice questions, but having a couple open-ended questions too can provide you with additional insight you might not be expecting, and grateful to receive.
• Use visuals. Remember, you're conducting a brand recognition survey, so be sure to utilize visual depictions of your brand. Things, like your color themes, logo, and pictures of your products or services are helpful.
• Weave in an emotional touch. Does your brand have an emotional story? If so, be sure to incorporate it. This can help to draw your respondent in, increase their engagement to your survey, and best of all, increase their loyalty to your brand.
Keep in mind, overall, the primary goal of any survey tool is to gather data from your respondents, learn from it, and make positive changes. So, whether your feedback is mainly positive, negative, or a combination of both, use this feedback to make your brand stronger and more recognizable in the marketplace.

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