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Tips and tools for conducting online market research with an internet survey

Posted on 3/18/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Market surveys are great ways to get feedback from your customers to help you serve them better. Whether you're interested in getting customer opinion about new product ideas, customer service, or even website design, using online survey software makes it easier than ever before to ask the questions and get the answers you need in order to make necessary changes for your business. These tips will help you get more out of your market research surveys.

Be Specific

While they can be useful, in many cases, it's easier to refrain from using open ended questions on your internet survey. These types of questions frustrate survey takers and are more difficult for you to analyze in order to get actionable information. Ask yes or no questions or use multiple choice questions instead.

Simplify Your Questions

Before loading questions into the survey tool take the time to read them over. Eliminate jargon, acronyms, and complex language from all questions and potential answers. These things are a turn off for survey takers that will limit participation.

Stay on Task

With survey software, you can conduct surveys on a wide range of topics to send out at your discretion. When you do, however, make sure each survey has a specific issue or topic to address and limit all questions to that objective. This helps you analyze the data more effectively and reduces the risk of losing your audience.

Keep it Brief

The people who take your survey are giving you their time. Don't take advantage of this gift by creating an overly long survey or addressing multiple topics. Keep the questions and answers short and ask as few questions as you believe you can ask and still have all the information you need to take action once the survey concludes.

Incentivize the Survey

People like to know what's in it for them. When you offer them an incentive, such as a free product or discounted service, they are much more likely to participate than if you simply ask them to do so out of the kindness of their hearts. After all, this survey helps your business and a discount or small free item is a small price to pay for valuable feedback.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Establish a time limit for survey participation. This works especially well with an incentivized survey offer. People are much more likely to participate if they want the incentive and they know the offer expires quickly, such as within 48 hours. Otherwise, they may store the survey away for another day and forget about it.

Make it Available on Multiple Platforms

People want to be able to take surveys in the most convenient manner possible. Some of them take surveys during commercials of their favorite television shows on their mobile phones or tablets while others are content to sit in front of their laptops or PCs. If they can't access the survey on their device of choice, you may be out of luck. Make it widely available to accommodate wider participation.

Keep these great tips in mind when conducting online market research surveys and you should be well on your way to a successful venture.
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