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Tips and tools for conducting marketing research surveys

Posted on 1/16/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Marketing research surveys can be tricky for businesses. When done well, these surveys can provide invaluable insights into your customers’ needs, wants, and expectations. You can also learn quite a bit about what motivates your customers to spend their money on the products you offer. These tips and tools will help you conduct more targeted marketing research surveys, so you can enjoy more effective results.

Avoid Ambiguity

One of the most important things you can do for the sake of your survey is make it as clear and concise as possible. This will help avoid confusion and frustration among survey takers, and ensure you get useful information. Be specific when creating questions. Target only one topic at a time and keep all your questions on point.

Use Online Survey Software

Using survey software makes setting up and distributing surveys to your target audience a cinch. With the right kind of survey tool, you will have help with analyzing your responses, crafting appropriate questions, and distributing your surveys to specific demographic groups among your audience.

Know Your Target Audience

More specifically, address your target audience in the survey questions. With the right survey software, you will be able to distribute the survey only to people that fall within your target audience demographics. Depending on the software you choose, you may be able to select who receives your market research surveys based on:

- Age
- Religion
- Gender
- Education Level
- Marital Status

You may even be able to choose according to things like income demographics, parental status, and more.

Have a Purpose for the Survey

The more specific your purpose for conducting a survey, the more useful your results are likely to be. Whether you are trying to gauge interest in a new product, trying to determine if customers are satisfied with an existing product, or trying to find out if customers believe there is room for improvement; it is best to stick to one idea and purpose for a survey and focus on that one point with all your questions.

Finally, one of the worst things you can do when conducting a market research survey is discount information received that doesn’t support your position. These surveys are highly useful tools for learning how paying customers feel about products and product ideas. Failing to listen to the answers could result in creating products that don’t sell or failing to meet key needs (or demands) in future products, updates, and addons. That can, and often does, lead to reductions in profits.
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