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Three ways to implement website visitor surveys

Posted on 3/28/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Businesses need customers and customer satisfaction is imperative. Trying to determine what your customers want and how they'd react to product or pricing changes can be intimidating to new business owners. 

Panel discussions, customer-interviews and other more common survey methodologies can be expensive and time-consuming. You may think that engaging with your customers through social media will be effective; however, it might not provide you with specific understanding and insight for you to make a business decision.

Website visitor surveys, on the other hand, are a prompt and affordable method to collect essential feedback from your customers and website visitors.

Three ways to Implement Website Visitor Surveys

Below are three ways you can effectively implement website visitor surveys with online survey software.

1. Embed Your Visitor Survey into Your Website

Embed the survey directly on your site to gain the opinions and feedback of your website visitors without hindering their browsing experience. When you place a survey into your site, you have an effective tool for:

* Encouraging email list or newsletter signups
* Collecting website bug reports
* Hosting customer service or contact us request forms
* There are four primary embed types which are:
* Website Pop-Up

A site pop-up generates a pop-up window that asks your visitors if they'd like to take a survey. If they answer yes, the survey appears — answering no will close the window. Each time a visitor visits your site, it triggers the pop-up.

HTML Embed

This type embeds HTML code for your survey's first page to paste on your site. It redirects your survey respondent to the page you want them to go once they submit the first page.

Iframe Embed

You embed your survey into your site using Iframe Embed within an isolated frame. Iframe embed provides you with control over the width and height in the embed code.

JavaScript Embed

Javascript Embed uses JavaScript code to embed your survey. JavaScript Embed is the perfect embed if you don't like the Iframe Embeds displayed isolated frame.

2. Send an Email Invitation to Your Website Visitor Survey

If you already have your customers' email addresses, a great way to ensure a high response rate is to email your respondents your survey URL. An email invitation provides a more powerful call to action than an embedded survey where your visitors have to find the survey themselves or other types of passive surveys. With email invites, your respondents can respond to your survey when it’s convenient for them, unlike a pop-up where they have to complete the survey at that very moment.

3. Launch a Website Visitor Survey Popup

Popup surveys offer you a direct approach of getting your survey in front of your site visitors. Survey popups can be customized based on an action such as canceling a subscription or adding an item to their shopping cart or based on the behavior of your site visitors. This form of survey tool allow you to get real-time, targeted feedback from your respondents.

A visitor website survey provides you with the chance to gain valuable subjective input on your website's effectiveness or other aspects of your business. Remember, when using these surveys, you don't want to impede on your website visitors' experience, so be conscientious on how you implement them. You'll also want to share valuable takeaways from the feedback you get to your audience to establish credibility.
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