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Three reasons to conduct a survey on Facebook

Posted on 1/4/2023 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Not so long ago, advertising and product promotion in the business world comprised the use of mediums such as television, newspaper, and radio, among others. However, in more recent times, advances in digital technology have induced a change in the approach to advertising and product promotion. Any business that does not harness the power and pull of social media will most likely not get its products out there.

Marketing strategies must now include social media, or else there will be no success in promotions and connecting with the target audience.

As popularly known and used social media is, it is probably the most cost-effective method to know what your audience wants and how to get it to them. The most effective platform to do this would probably be the one with the most active users, which is Facebook, having about 2.93 billion users. What’s more, Facebook has a survey feature where you can take polls, record observations, and gain insight for future use.

Why You Should Consider Conducting Surveys on Facebook

If you are still unsure as to why a Facebook survey is not the best idea, then here are five reasons to convince you:

1) Largest pool of social media users

There are seven million people worldwide, and 2 billion are on Facebook. About 1.7 billion of the previous figure are active users. This makes Facebook your best bet to sell your products and services and get much-needed engagement. This also means you will get a higher response rate. Brands that use online survey software to create surveys are more prone to getting an increase in followership. This is because surveys show customers that a brand means business.

2) Possesses a wide reach

With the ability and capacity to reach more than two billion people (a figure that will surely increase), Facebook pages, groups, and accounts help you reach a wide swath of people and demographics all at once. Not even websites and email marketing can get you this. Using a survey software or tool to embed innovative and attractive surveys on your Facebook page will help you attract more fans, increase your conversion rates, and make you more profit.

3) Provides much-needed business insight

Surveys are tools businesses employ to know what their customers like or dislike. With surveys, you can get insight into what your customers like and plan how to supply it to them. This gives your business an established customer base, which, in turn, helps you sustain your business.


Online survey software and tools can help you create surveys and collate your results quickly. Ensure you use a survey tool when creating your survey on Facebook. Good luck!
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