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The value of positive surveying as a customer feedback survey tool

Posted on 7/28/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips

Most individuals would obtain a customer feedback survey tool for their website because they believe it would help them handle and solve problems, such as when a client complains or when a product isn't up to expectation. While this is an excellent approach to use a survey, it is also a somewhat negative way to look at it.

An associate marketing professor at Utah State's Huntsman School of Business, Sterling Bone, came up with a different perspective, calling it "positive surveying."

Positive surveying is when you start a survey by asking for a compliment instead of a complaint. This puts the customer in a good mood, and they focus on the positive aspects of your service rather than the negative aspects. Doing this will result in higher customer satisfaction, more return visits, and an increase in sales.

One thing to remember about positive surveying is that it should be done with the goal of creating excellent customer relationships rather than manipulating them for the sake of an increase in sales figures.

Customer feedback surveys are commonly used by various organizations to gauge customer satisfaction, identify areas for development and improvement, or just enable dissatisfied customers to vent out.

"Customers have been accustomed to search for flaws in everything," explains Sterling Bone. He had a simple idea, which was, instead of asking what was wrong with a product or service, why not ask what is good about it?

Indeed, the majority of customer service research focuses on "service recovery," or how to respond after a consumer complains.

Since the development of website feedback, online survey software and tools for questionnaires have advanced into something completely different. After beginning as traditional survey tools with a long list of questions and anonymous respondents, the online survey software has maintained its popularity among online marketers.

Of course, the fact that online survey software is a simple and quick approach to contact a targeted audience and obtain customer feedback contributes to its growing popularity.

The benefits of online survey software include:

• Increased response rates by reaching target audience fast
• Conducting market research at a fraction of the usual cost
• Getting real-time results for quick and easy analysis

Hence, when it comes to positive surveying, it should be taken into account whether the customer had a bad experience. Also, positive surveying should be natural and organic at all times. A positive response should never be forced from a customer.

Positive surveying is an excellent way to carry out questionnaires – whether offline or using an online survey tool; it's a cost-effective approach to improve customer satisfaction.

However, the organization has to have the right mindset. They have to be in it to develop stronger relationships and improve their services, and not just to increase the number of customer satisfaction.

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