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The use of cell phone surveys to reach respondents is poised for an upward shift

Posted on 1/31/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Traditionally, reaching people for marketing or research feedback was through landline phones, and later through web-based surveys. However, there is growing evidence that cell phone surveys may be an ideal way to reach a greater number of people in an increasing mobile world.

Let's face it. People are crazy about their mobile devices -- their cell phones in particular. And more and more individuals are ditching their landlines, and opting to rely solely on their mobile phone.

The Statistics

Roughly 14 percent of 18 -24 year olds in America had no landline phone by the second six months of 2004, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports, but six years later, by the second six months of 2010, more than 45 percent of 18 to 24 year olds were without a landline. While only 2.7 percent of Americans aged 45 to 64 had abandoned their landlines, by 2010, that number jumped to 18.8 percent.

Clearly, there an upward trend of Americans that have decided that their landline telephone is no longer needed.

What this Means for Survey Tool Research

To improve coverage and increase the number of responses, cell phone surveys can be used in conjunction with web based surveys built with online survey software. Results from implementing a cell phone survey tool and online survey can be combined for analysis, whether you are collecting feedback through SMS text messages or mobile-optimized web surveys. And creating a cell phone survey is easy. It is as simple as creating a web based survey using survey software, which is then optimized for a mobile platform.

Benefits for Deploying Cell Phone Surveys

Unlike landline telephone surveys where the respondent must be at home to participate, cell phone respondents can be virtually anywhere when receiving the call or text alerting them to a survey. This makes it more likely for the researcher to obtain more responses - and receive a respondent that is open to participate. Implement a mobile platform for your survey research enables you to reach more survey respondents who prefer to take surveys on a mobile device. It also helps you to connect more easily with today's modern world's on-the-go respondents, like business travelers, commuters, or busy moms.

In summary, here are some, but certainly not all, of the benefits of utilizing cell phone surveys in your market research:

* Increase respondent participation rates * Reach on-the-go people * Obtain fresh feedback * Gain access to people who only use mobile communication * Realize flexibility across a variety of mobile platforms, including iOS, Droid, and Blackberry

Cell phone survey designed with survey software is an ideal solution to obtain fresh insights (practically real time feedback) for point-of-sale customer transactions and customer satisfaction surveys. This medium of survey deployment helps you measure reactions and opinions of consumers during or immediate following a consumer experience.

The Takeaway

Expand your reach, intensify your market research, and give your respondents the added convenience and flexibility of completing cell phone surveys through their mobile devices.

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