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The role of teacher evaluation surveys in quality education

Posted on 8/3/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Teacher performance is a key factor in student success. The methods and strategies that an educator uses directly impact what and how much students are learning.

In order to determine the effectiveness of a teacher’s performance, public and private schools are relying more and more on utilizing tools that accurately evaluate the skills and techniques that their educators are using in the classroom. Online survey software has become a popular evaluation tool in schools throughout the nation.

Teacher evaluation surveys that are conducted via survey software can provide administrators with valuable information about teacher performance, and can be used to strengthen the role teachers’ play in the classroom. Teacher evaluation surveys:

Provide Valuable Feedback

Teacher surveys give students an opportunity to share their feedback regarding the experience they had with a teacher.

By using a survey tool, students can easily and anonymously answer questions regarding a teacher’s performance, including whether or not they felt the strategies they use were effective, if they believe a teacher was captivating and caring, and if they believe the assessment tools that were used accurately measured the information they were taught.

Measure the Effectiveness of a Teacher

Surveys can be a powerful tool for measuring the effectiveness of a teacher’s performance.

When students have the opportunity to share their feedback and the overall experience they had with a teacher, administrators can gain valuable insight regarding the performance the teacher. For example, administrators can determine whether or not a teacher used fair and appropriate assessment methods, or if an educator took the time to explain ideas that may have been difficult for some students to comprehend.

Determine Development and Training Needs of a Teacher

Evaluation surveys can help administrators determine what type of further development and training their educators require. For instance, the results of a survey may indicate that a teacher needs to develop his or her management techniques. Based on this information, administrators can offer said teacher access to further training and development courses that will help him or her gain more effective classroom management skills.

Pinpoint if More Funding is Needed

A teacher evaluation survey can also help private and public schools to pinpoint if further funding is needed for certain programs. For example, if survey results for several teachers indicate that the educators did not have access to adequate supplies to properly teach a certain skill or concept, administrators can determine if more funding is necessary to provide teachers with the tools and supplies that may help to improve student learning. For instance, more leveled readers in an elementary literacy classroom may be needed.

Teacher evaluation surveys can be very advantageous in the field of education, for students, teachers, administrators, and the community as a whole. When they are properly executed and the information that they provide is used properly, teacher evaluation surveys can help to make great advances in education on the local and national levels.
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