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The mobile survey - the new must have survey tool

Posted on 12/10/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The methods of administering surveys have evolved throughout the years. First there were snail-mailed paper surveys. Then telephone surveys were all the rage. Lest not forget the mall intercept survey. And, of course, the huge popularity of online surveys built by online survey software. While all of these types of ways of administering surveys are still used today and have value, there's a new kid on the block when it comes to survey deployment.

A growing trend used by savvy marketers is to collect feedback from users through their mobile devices. Digital Buzz offers some interesting statistics relating to mobile devices:

* More than 90 percent of people in the world have a mobile phone.

* More than 50 percent of people own a smartphone.

* Half of all mobile users use their mobile phone as their primary internet source.

This proliferation of mobile device usage has presented a valuable opportunity that many organizations are taking advantage of to capture market research data through the use of a mobile survey.

Whether it is through the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nexus 7, iPad, Android, or other new electronic mobile device that everyone wants to own, a mobile survey is a state-of-the-art survey tool companies are employing to gain a rapid handle on the pulse on their target marketing.

While there are many benefits of using a mobile survey in your market research, one of the most valuable benefits is the ability to catch the customer anytime and anywhere. Today's consumer is almost always connected, and uses her phone for more than just talking or texting. Today's mobile devices are used as people's wallet, GPS device, camera, and more.

Using a mobile survey as a survey tool to gather market research data also helps to increase survey response rates as well. This is because survey respondents are not tied to their computer or their desks, and almost always have their phone on their person.

Moreover, mobile surveys are a fantastic way to tap into a customer's thoughts while interacting with products or immediately after a service was fulfilled. For example, immediately after a service technician completes a service and leaves a customer's location, a mobile survey can be sent to that customer via a text message. Chances are, this survey will be responded to and will be highly accurate since the transaction had just occurred.

Marketers that are on the cutting edge of market research know that there is a basic shift in the way consumers are voicing their opinion. Because of social media, viral information dissemination, and instantaneous communication, it is essential for organizations to get on top of customer's opinions -- and the faster the better. They can do so through a mobile survey tool designed with online survey software.

Market research needs to keep pace with the lightning fast dissemination of information inherent in today's world. The world is more mobile than ever, and likely will be even more mobile with every passing day. For companies who want to keep pace, mobile surveys are an answer.

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