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The many uses of an iPad survey using online survey software

Posted on 4/1/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Fortune magazine reports that more than 50% of your customers are reading their emails using their mobile devices. If you are sending out invitations to surveys, those surveys need to be mobile friendly.

More than $2 billion is spent in the U.S. every year on online surveys. They work, but you need to find your target audience and engage them where they are. And that's on mobile devices like iPads, smartphones and other tablets.

Here's a look at how online survey software can help you find out what your mobile users are thinking. The versatility of mobile surveys may surprise you.

Types of Surveys

iPads and other mobiles can handle every type of survey, with the use of the right survey software. Mobiles especially shine in three categories:

Customer satisfaction survey: You can get quick results and real-time feedback responses from consumers right at the point of sale with a mobile survey. A quick two to three question customer satisfaction survey at the time they buy gives you immediate access to how they feel about your product or service and how they feel about the buying experience. These surveys can be delivered to their own mobile device or to an in-store tablet.

In-store surveys: These polls, created with a survey tool, can help you decide if products and services are easy to find, if the products they are currently interested in are the ones you have on display, if salespeople are helpful and any other shopping questions you want to know more about. You can get into the mind of your prospects while they are engaged in the shopping experience.

Market research surveys: You can get feedback on what people are looking for and on new products right at your store. This especially useful if you are evaluating ad campaigns, or figuring out designs and features for potential products and services.

Online polls: You can catch your customers on the go, polling your target audience about where they like to shop and how they decide where to shop. In fact, you can send out a poll on anything else you want to know!

The Benefits to You

When people use their iPads and other mobile devices to complete a survey, you get a multitude of advantages that aren't available to you if those same people need to first go home and sit at their laptop or desktop to fill it out.

These include: 

  • quick results while they are still going through the buying process. 
  • customer engagement, which helps build loyalty. 
  • customer interaction and feedback in real time, which means you can make changes within minutes or hours if something is amiss. 
  • higher response rates because the shopping is what they are focusing on. 
  • location-based survey, which can help you figure out if your store layout is working, if parking is a problem and if salespeople are helpful.

Your target market is just a smartphone or iPad survey away from taking your poll. Use mobile survey technology to find out quickly and easily what they are thinking.
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