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The many benefits of conducting a staff satisfaction survey

Posted on 1/8/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Employee satisfaction is key for all companies who want to curb employee burnout, reduce turnover, and keep their employees happy. When employees are satisfied with their jobs and the company they work for, they are likely more engaged in their jobs, produce high-quality work, and may even be passionate about the goals of the company they work for.

But many companies don't know for sure how their employees feel about their jobs and the workplace. Or, they may think they know but are off base on their assumptions. That's where a staff satisfaction survey tool can help. When properly designed and administered through online survey software, it can create the difference between a pleasurable work environment that employees enjoy going to day in and day out, and one where employees dread getting up in the morning to go to.

Employee satisfaction surveys, also referred to as staff satisfaction surveys, provide management with valuable insight and knowledge to build a workplace filled with positive employee relations and employee loyalty toward the job, the company, and the products or services it delivers. Satisfied employees also typically have a commadry with their coworkers and management personnel, which helps them contribute effectively to company goals.

For many companies, their employees are their greatest asset. The employees play a huge role in the success of the business. On the flip side, employees can also play a significant role in the failure of the business. Successful businesses that rely on employees continually focus on creating and maintaining employee satisfaction in order to get the most out of their precious human capital.

Deploying a staff satisfaction survey via online survey software provides a plethora of benefits. In addition to improving an employee's overall job satisfaction, gathering feedback encompassing their thoughts, opinions, and perceptions can improve employee morale, employee loyalty, employee attendance, customer service, productivity, and the especially important company's bottom line. Further, when a staff satisfaction survey is deployed anonymously, it can offer companies more in-depth insight into the behavior and motivation of its employees.

There's another indirect benefit to using online survey software to create and administer a staff satisfaction survey that many managers overlook. When you implement a staff satisfaction survey -- and do so on a regular basis -- you are indirectly sending a positive message to your employees that you care about their job satisfaction. And when you actually implement changes that employees brought to light in a staff satisfaction survey, you prove to them that you are listening to their thoughts and opinions and are committed to improving their employment and the workplace.

We live and work in a widely competitive environment today in practically every industry and business niche. One way businesses can obtain more market share and competitive advantage is through its people. A company that focuses on its people, stands to benefit on so many levels. A well-designed, executed, and acted upon staff satisfaction survey tool helps a company keep not only the minds of its employees engaged, but their passion as well.

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