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The importance of using post-event feedback survey software for trade shows and conferences

Posted on 5/10/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If you plan trade shows, seminars, or events, you understand how important gaining feedback is. Same goes if you hold workshops or training sessions. Feedback allows you to learn more about your audience's' expectations and needs, which can be helpful in making improvements or creating marketing plans to ensure future success. It helps you to determine whether or not the efforts you put into planning and carrying out the event met the expectations of attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers.

Attendee feedback with a survey tool helps you meet these expectations and refine your future events. This is especially true if you find that the collective response offers similar feedback trends. To get the most valuable feedback after your event, send your survey to attendees right after it ends so their experience of your event is still on their minds.

The most critical information you can collect with your feedback survey software is if your attendees received any value from your event and if it was worth their time invested. Find out if your event helped them improve in some way, if it was hands-on and if your speaker was skilled in the topic discussed.

There are other questions, however, that you should ask in your post-event survey which can give you valuable insight about your event and company so you can improve on future events.

Questions to Ask on your Survey

These are straightforward questions, but the information you gather from them is important. Some questions to include in your survey software include:

* What were your main goals for the event (i.e. networking, gaining information, etc.)?
* Did the event help you to improve your professional skills and how much?
* Did the event meet your expectations?
* Was the information presented during the event useful?
* Was there any way to improve the event and organizers?
* How did this event compare to others you have attended?
* Was the speaker engaging?
* Was the event on topic?
* If you could, would you attend this event again?
* Is this event something you would recommend to a colleague?

There are several ways to get relevant feedback from your attendees. Use your online survey software to send out post-event surveys immediately following your event offering your attendees an incentive for taking the time to fill it out. You can also invite a small group of the attendees into a focus group to ask them questions that are more in-depth about your event.

Just remember, the best time to get your survey to your audiences is soon after the event ends so ensure they have it fresh in their mind so the information you receive is valuable. That said, event surveys can also be carried out prior to the event to find out what the expectations of the attendees are.
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