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The importance of implementing a work from home training survey

Posted on 6/10/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
COVID-19 is making working from home the new normal. Employees and employers are adapting to new ways of working. These days, many individuals are now working from their home at least part-time. Many more are suddenly finding themselves having to work remotely for an extended period during the current COVID-19 crisis and often with fairly little preparation.

Well the future is still uncertain, working from home, at least to some degree may be the new normal that companies and businesses throughout the United States must face and manage well in order to thrive once again.

Whether you work from home or have to lead a team of employees who work from home, you'll have to adapt to this new way of working.

Many companies are closing up their offices temporarily and asking individuals to work remotely, possibly for a few weeks or months. While many individuals have experienced the occasional day or two of working remotely, it's much different now with many working five days a week from home. There's been very little time to prepare for this environment and a certain amount of training is needed.

Working from home also requires training in virtual meeting technologies for creating more participative and engaging communication. You'll need to train individuals to design and run more participative and interactive online meetings through tools like Zoom, WebEx, and MS Teams and handle an increase in online meeting requests.

You'll have to provide managers with remote management training to be able to manage individuals working remotely and working with critical teams, individuals and projects.

How a Training Survey Can Help

With training online survey software, you can measure how effective your work from home training is and see what challenges your employees may be facing. It’s highly possible that there are issues you may be unaware of especially if telecommuting is a new activity you are now employing.

With a training survey tool, you can ask questions like:

• What are some challenges you face working from home?
• What is your regular work from home schedule like?
• Do you feel you've received adequate training to help prepare you to work from home?
• What else do you need to effectively work remotely?

Working remotely presents employees with a set of unique challenges because they're used to working in an office setting. And, skills related to time management and communication suddenly become more crucial as well as coping skills for maintaining stress and a healthy work/life balance. There’s also technology demands in addition to security threats in this new remote working environment.

Providing your employees and managers with the right training survey software can help you make the transition from office to working from home much easier.
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