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The importance of implementing a customer survey this holiday season

Posted on 12/18/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to figure out what your holiday marketing plans will be so you can profit from this important time of year. For some companies, the holiday season offers them the biggest profit potential.

But, how do you do this? One great technique is to send out a customer survey online to obtain some feedback from your customers about their shopping and purchasing habits around the holidays.

Why a Customer Survey is Important During the Holiday Season

One study shows:

Around 53% of customers don't feel traditional brick-and-mortar stores know how to provide a great customer experience.

Around 60% of customers feel physical stores don't take the initiative to learn their needs.

Over 50% of customers would go shopping more in-store if they felt they could receive a more personalized experience like they do online.

Survey your customers, combined with the data analytics you obtain about customer shopping behavior can help you pinpoint where you can improve on both online shopping and brick-and-mortar experiences.

Tips to Implement Customer Survey Software Effectively

Here are some suggestions:

1. Ask Your Customers

Ask your customers to rank last year's bestsellers with several new products you're considering selling this season. This will allow you to define what you're going to push in your marketing campaigns.

2. Time it Right

Implementing online survey software is effective, but you need to time it right. If you send out your survey too soon, you're risking your customers not having much helpful feedback for you. If you send it out too late, they've probably already forgotten their experience or what made their experience good or not.

3. Keep It Short and Simple

The holiday season is typically busy and your survey shouldn't take any longer than just a few minutes for your customers to fill out. Ideally, don't go over 10 questions.

4. Consider Your Survey Delivery Method

Will you be sending out your survey tool via email, text in-store kiosk or in-app? Perhaps you’ll be hosting your customer survey on your website. You'll want to use a method that's convenient for both your customers and you.

5. Ask When Customers Will Be Shopping

Find out from your customers when they'll start their holiday shopping this season, which will provide you with an idea of when you'll want to begin your "early bird" specials or “last-minute shoppers” deals.

6. Measure Customer Satisfaction

Finding out and measuring the satisfaction levels of your customers is important as it will let you know how you can improve. You'll also want to measure their satisfaction after you've implemented changes so you can measure how effective your improvements are. Customers appreciate when they see you’ve made changes based upon their feedback.

Be sure to go over the results you obtain from your customer survey and make decisions on what you're going to offer this holiday season. Planning ahead of time can help make your upcoming holiday season sales less stressful — and more successful.
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