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The importance of conducting a security survey as a part of your company risk assessment

Posted on 6/7/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Each year, businesses face bigger and bigger challenges as they address both potential and actual natural disaster, theft and terrorism losses. With the increase of these kinds of threats, many company owners have started to realize the consequences of not proactively addressing these threats. A valued asset business owners should make part of their overall operation to address these potential losses is a comprehensive security survey they conduct as part of their overall risk assessment. 

This survey tool is a complete assessment of a company and its operations in regards to company and personnel assets. Security online survey software examines the risks company and personnel assets are exposed to, analyzes protection measures in place to lessen liability. You can identify vulnerabilities to come up with improvements either before or after an incident or loss has occurred.

Before you implement your security survey software, you'll want to clearly identify and understand exactly what you need to protect. Most companies' assets they're looking to protect fall under:

- Facilities
- Customers
- Employees
- Proprietary information

Since each business varies, the threats each business faces will also vary and with varying criticality levels.

There are certain stages to implement and obtain appropriate measures and security systems.

Stage 1: Intelligence Collection

During this stage, you're gathering information on the company and its objectives and operations. You'll follow up with a risk assessment to determine which assets require protection and what their value is. You'll also define the threats such as:

- Robbery
- Break-ins
- Insider attack
- Trespass
- Arson

Stage 2: Company Details

During this stage you'll obtain details on the company, including its location be it commercial rural, inner city and more. You'll obtain its previous history, building structure, boundary and condition as well as current protective measures like bolts, alarms or bars. During this stage, you'll be moving through the process of interviewing key employees, making observations, interviewing crime prevention officers and maybe even insurance assessors.

You should supplement this with crime records, historic data, site drawings and plans and more.

Stage 3: Site Walk Through or Security Survey

You'll be walking through the site or conducting the actual survey tool during this stage. It involves assessing things like:

- Current security measures
- Physical vulnerabilities
- Types of security devices and systems

The survey is a guidance tool to the system design stage where processes, people and technology will be taken into account.

There are a few main goals for conducting a security survey. These are:

1. Measure the existing security system in place.
2. Identify and quantify any weaknesses in the existing security system.
3. Determine what level of protection is needed.

After you complete the online survey software, you should have enough information to determine what improvements you need in your existing security program.

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