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The Importance of Asking the Right Questions in Your Staff Satisfaction Survey

Posted on 5/30/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The employees of an organization are extremely valuable and important assets necessary for the management, development, and growth of the company. Because of the indispensable nature of employees, all business owners and managers should do their best to get true insight into what their employees are thinking and how they feel about their jobs. 

Since having direct conversations with employees can be challenging and uncomfortable, one great way to get better insight from employees is through a staff satisfaction survey. These surveys allow you to ask a wide range of questions about the company, how employees feel about their jobs, and what they think of the management team.

When you are looking to complete an employee satisfaction survey, there are several tips that should be followed to ensure it’s as effective as possible. You should cover several key areas to ensure staff satisfaction is as high as it could be.

Opinion About Overall Organization

One of the most important questions you need to ask using your survey tool is a question to obtain an employee’s opinion about the overall organization. This should include getting feedback about whether employees are happy working there, whether they have pride in their jobs, and if they think that the company is heading in the right direction.

Opinions on Management

While it is important to understand what employees think about the company as a whole, you also need to understand what they think about their managers. Having good leadership and an effective management team is crucial for any company to do well and be competitive. In order for you to get a better understanding as to whether your managers are being effective, you will need to get feedback from employees.

You should try to ask questions that will allow employees to rate whether their managers are good leaders, provide good training, are could communicators, or have room for improvement. This could allow you to determine which managers are doing well and which may be better suited in other roles.


One of the main reasons why an employee will lead an organization is because of compensation. Because of this, you should get a sense as to whether you have employees that are satisfied with their full compensation package. Employees will likely be able to provide feedback as to whether they are paid fairly or if they could switch to a higher paying job.

Survey Process

When you are completing a survey, you should focus on providing a convenient tool for an employee to provide their feedback. One great survey tool would include using online survey software. This will allow an employee to complete the survey anywhere and will help them feel comfortable that it is anonymous.
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