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The importance of an after-event evaluation survey

Posted on 1/3/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

After an event, an essential next step is to send out an event evaluation survey to gather feedback and learn about your target market's expectations and needs. By doing this, you can use the information to create new marketing strategies, retain customers or clients and create future business.

The goal of your post-event survey software is to figure out if your event planning and presentation met expectations for sponsors, attendees, exhibitors and speakers.

Post-event evaluations are so important; you should send one after every event. Here's why:

- You want to determine if all attendees expectations were met.
- You want to know if your preceding measurable goals were met.
- You want to determine if there was an increase in your brand image and brand awareness among your audience.
- You want to gather feedback to help improve marketing activities, strategies, scheduling for sales and logistics.

Using survey software to create an online event survey gives you the ability to use an intuitive survey management program to manage respondents and their responses. With this type of online survey software, you can easily upload event attendees contact information, send email invitations inviting your audience to complete your survey and keep track of those who responded and those who didn’t. Then you can email a reminder to those who didn’t fill out your survey and review the feedback in real-time.

Keep these in mind when shaping your next event:

Create a Value-Driven Event Evaluation Survey

To ensure your post-event online survey software extracts the most value, try these strategies.

Keep Your Survey Short

Most people's attention spans are no more than 8 to 12 minutes when completing surveys. Therefore, ensure you are asking the most value-driven questions only and not repeating information you've already collected during in-session evaluations or the registration process.

Mix Up Your Questions

For the best outcome, offer different types of questions such as:
- Rating
- Multiple choice
- Comment box
- Ranking

With different question types, you can keep your audience engaged while you collect important information to help improve your company.

Don't just focus your after-event survey tool on collecting only positive feedback. Include questions that will get your respondents to be honest about what they liked about the event and where there could be improvements.

Acknowledge Negative Feedback

If you have a participant that claims to have had a negative experience at your event, reach out to them and find out why. Even if you can't solve the issue, they will at least know that you’re putting in a real effort to hear the feedback and doing something about it.

To increase the number of respondents to your event evaluation survey, you may want to offer an incentive for them taking the time to complete it. This can be anything from putting them into a drawing where they'll have a chance to win a free registration for your next upcoming event or perhaps a gift.

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