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The importance of a telehealth patient satisfaction survey

Posted on 5/13/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

The demand and need for telehealth are greater than ever. As individuals in the U.S. are encouraged to stay home, digital care is helping those who are committed to social distancing to get the care they need when experiencing symptoms.

But even with telehealth, you still need to know how satisfied your patients are. A patient satisfaction survey can be a useful way of gaining the opinions of your patients so you can improve your practice. This will ultimately translate into more satisfied patients and better care. It shows your community and staff you have an interest in quality. It shows you're seeking ways to improve.

The goals of patient satisfaction surveys must be to evaluate your patients' perceptions of your practice. You should have three general goals with your practice when you're interacting with your patients. These are:

• To provide more accessible care
• To provide more quality health care
• To treat your patients with respect and courtesy

You should then focus your survey questions to cover three areas: access issues, quality issues, and interpersonal issues.

Benefits of A Patient Satisfaction Survey

There are several benefits of conducting patient satisfaction surveys, which are:

1. Notes Satisfaction Level

It can have a serious impact on your practice to know if your patient's overall satisfaction level was negative or positive. The only way of taking advantage of this knowledge is by addressing the issues the survey results raise.

If the survey software shows it's typically simple to make an appointment, but still shows there's a level of dissatisfaction with how much time your physicians spend with the patients, you should make adjustments. If your survey indicates that patients overall accomplished their goals during their appointment, but they're not likely to refer other people to your practice, you should make adjustments.

2. Better Understanding of your Practice's Shortcomings and Strengths

The feedback of your patients is an essential way of finding out what you're doing right and if you have room to improve, including through your telehealth services, and especially if it is telemedicine is a new service for your practice. This will allow you to make changes that count to improve the experiences of your patients.

3. Patients Feel More Valued

Patients want to not only be satisfied with their experience at your practice, but they also want to feel valued. Showing your patients you genuinely value them through conducting patient surveys is important in providing outstanding patient care. This is especially helpful in virtual patients visits where patients may not feel their doctor’s compassion as much as they do in a face-to-face meeting.

Not only are patient satisfaction surveys a good tool for identifying how you can improve your practice, but they're an ideal way of getting to know your patients on a more individualized and personal level. When you engage with your patients through satisfaction surveys, you will have the ability to better accessing your patients' confidence in themselves to be more proactive about their quality of healthcare.

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