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The enormous value of the end of the school year student survey

Posted on 5/11/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Student feedback at the end of the school year is a vital tool in weighing the effectiveness of your teaching methods. The information that student feedback provides can help teachers improve their methods and refine their skills.

Student surveys are not new. They have been used for quite some time to measure teacher effectiveness and student satisfaction; however, the way these surveys are conducted has changed.

Paper surveys that students would fill out by hand were once the standard. While they were effective to a degree, often, students failed to fill them out, as they were easily misplaced. Thanks to technology, the end of the year student survey has been revamped.

Online survey software simplifies the process of administering and completing these surveys, as students can easily access them and complete them from an array of devices that are connected to the Internet.

If you are an educator, here’s a look at some of the key advantages that administering end of the school year student surveys via online survey software offers.

Discover if Students Felt Challenged

To effectively learn, students need to feel challenged. Being challenged encourages students to push themselves to learn more and to excel. An end of the school year student survey lets teachers know if they challenged their students.

Learn if Student Needs were Met

Every student has different needs. A student survey at the end of the school year allows teachers to learn if they met the unique needs of each student. For example, teachers will be able to discover if they provided help, offered further explanations and clarified questions and expectations.

Find out what Methods were Most Effective

Students can share what methods and strategies were the most effective. By discovering what methods and strategies were the most effective, teachers can continue to use those techniques the following school year. Likewise, teachers can also discover what strategies and methods were not effective and make improvements for future students.

Learn What was Most Enjoyable

With an online survey tool, students can share what they found to be the most enjoyable during the academic year. Teachers can use this information and implement it into the curriculum for the upcoming school year.

Gain Insight Regarding Changes

Despite their best efforts, some of the methods, strategies and techniques that teachers use are not always effective. Surveys allow students to shed light on what methods, strategies and techniques their teachers used that they didn’t find particularly effective or helpful. Teachers can use this information to improve their methods for future school years, ensuring that their approaching to teaching will meet the needs of future students.

End of the school year student surveys are an invaluable tool for teachers. Using online survey software to administer these surveys improves student participation in these surveys. It also makes it easier for teachers to simplify the results and take action on the insights learned.
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