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The benefits of implementing a Facebook survey using online survey software

Posted on 12/9/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
What started out as a college photo-sharing site has grown into a phenomenon and a brand. With over 800 million users as of September 2011, Facebook has become a grand opportunity for advertising, self-promotion, networking, and branding, both for individuals and businesses alike. Companies, regardless of size, should take advantage of Facebook's opportunity and large network to create a strong following for current and future fans of their organizations, products, services and brand.

But once your company has created a Facebook page, the work doesn't end there, particularly if you are trying to grow your business. A great way to tap into the strength of Facebook -- while also getting valuable information for your business and brand -- is to conduct a Facebook survey. Facebook surveys are a relatively recent way to survey clients, current customers, and future customers or to crowd source information from your Facebook fans which are proving to be immensely valuable.

A Facebook survey is essentially an online survey that can help you easily reach out to a targeted group of friends, clients, customers, colleagues, students, and more. Using a survey software and an online survey tool, users can create sophisticated online surveys for Facebook in no time.

An online survey through Facebook can go viral in a matter of minutes. Even if you have only 200 fans on your Facebook page, you tap into the power of each of those 200 people's own social network, resulting in an even better online survey response rate.

Deciding on a topic for a Facebook survey or Facebook poll as part of an online survey for your company is left simply to your imagination. But if you need a few ideas to get you started, here are a handful:

  • To assess customer service - Quality customer service is an essential component of most every organization. Excellent customer service helps retain customers and helps spread the word to attract new ones.
  • To develop new services - Use an online survey through Facebook to query your audience to see what additional services your customers want.
  • To gather feedback to choose a new product slogan or logo - Customers, clients, and fans love to feel like they are involved in the creation of a new product. Let them have their say by gathering feedback on new product or services slogans, logos, product color choices. Really, the list is endless here.
  • To better understand your fans - Getting to know your followers is one of the keys to growing a business. Creating a customized online survey tool through survey software can be the window into the views of your fans.
  • With the explosion in social media over the last five years, the importance of getting to know your audience is even more important than ever -- especially if your company wants to maintain a competitive advantage. With simple social media online surveys, you'll find out exactly what your followers want.

By listening to your most influential fans -- those on social media sites -- you can take your social media interactions -- and your company -- to a new level.

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