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Ten types of marketing survey questionnaires you should be considering

Posted on 5/2/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Business owners today face a great deal of uncertainty. Between shifting consumer demands, advancing technology, and increasing competition via the Internet, business owners and marketing managers need every possible advantage they can muster.

A marketing survey questionnaire is an essential survey tool to help you maximize the potential of your products or services at every stage of development -- if you put them to work for you. These are 10 types of survey questionnaires you might find relevant to your business.

1) Pricing Research (Price Elasticity/Price Sensitivity) - These surveys help you determine the price point your target market is willing to pay, most comfortable paying, and is not willing to pay for your products.

2) Customer Attitudes and Expectations - Is your product meeting the expectations of your customers; and how does that impact their opinion of your company or brand?

3) Customer Satisfaction - Is your customer satisfied with the product, customer service, and aftermarket service with your product and company? Using online survey software is a great way to find out how satisfied your customers are and identify any areas where improvements are needed.

4) New Product Concept Testing - Does your business have a few new product concepts that you're not sure your current market would be interested in? Not only can you use a survey questionnaire to gauge interest, but also to see how much demand there will be for this new product or to pinpoint which of your current concepts shows the most commercial potential.

5) Viral Marketing Research - Using a simple online software tool you can research how likely it is that the media used to promote your products will be talked about and even promoted through various social networks. You can literally gauge the likelihood that your message will go viral.

6) Competitive Comparison Questionnaire - This survey questionnaire is all about discovering how your product compares to similar products your competitors have on the market. It's a great way to find out how people perceive your products in comparison with your competition in terms of name recognition, price, features, etc., and which product comes out on top.

7) Market Profiling - This allows you to use online survey software to determine who your customers are and are not -- and why. It's a very useful survey tool to learn about your business's strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace.

8) Advertising Effectiveness - Businesses pay a lot of money for advertising. A simple survey software tool, combined with the right series of questions, can help you determine if you're really getting your money's worth.

9) Brand Awareness - How well known is your brand in the marketplace? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your brand -- as perceived by your target market?

10) Segmentation Research- - This type of research is important as it helps you determine the characteristics (demographics, psychographics, etc.) of your most likely buyers. This assists you in targeting your advertising and marketing efforts to appeal to those most likely to buy your products.

Bar none, using a survey tool lends a hand in helping your business perform even better. As businesses around the world make the transition from local markets to a global marketplace, it's more important now than ever to have every possible advantage. The knowledge gained from surveys gives your business a huge advantage over your competitors.

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