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Ten tips to optimize your political survey

Posted on 4/15/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
There are several ways you can send out your political survey. You can send it through your email list, a website link, or through off-line contacts, like an invitation through campaign pamphlets and brochures. But, how do you optimize your campaign survey? Here are 10 tips.

1. Keep it Short

Keep your survey to the point and short. Nobody wants to commit to a survey tool that will take them over an hour to fill out.

2. Make it Anonymous

Like with any online survey software, it's essential your respondents know the way their replies will be handled. By making your political survey anonymous, you'll increase participation and ensure honesty of answers.

3. Select the Right Sample Size

Using polls and surveys to predict election results can only be accurate if your survey sample represents exactly the eventual decision makers. Be smart about selecting your sample and ensure you include respondents from all the right demographics.

4. Provide Mobile Access

With a substantial portion of potential respondents likely relying on their smartphones or other mobile devices, it's essential your campaign survey software consists of both fixed devices and mobile devices.

5. Use the Right Types of Questions

Open-ended or closed questions?

Open-ended questions can capture individuals' exact sentiments on a problem with any nuance tones and without the possibility of answer choices coloring respondent selection. And closed questions are simpler to:

- Administer
- Analyze
- Ask in a quick amount of time

6. Remove Mandatory Text Fields

You might want to remove questions that force your respondents to give a written answer. You can still encourage written responses, but make sure the respondents know they're optional and they can skip them if they choose to.

7. Keep the Questions Easy

Ensure your questions are straightforward and avoid jargon use. Don't assume survey takers will know what your acronyms mean.

8. Consider Sending Reminders

While this isn't appropriate for every choice of survey, you can send out reminders to individuals who haven't responded yet to your survey to give them a nudge to fill it out. This will boost your response rates.

9. Don't Rush

Don't rush through the survey process. Take your time to ensure it's right. In many cases, campaigns will be generated and adhere to false polling deadlines. While there will be situations that arise, requiring fast distribution and data analysis, try and use whatever time needed for creating the most efficient political survey possible. When you gather poll data in haste, it might be convenient, but it won't offer you accurate or in-depth data you need for your campaign.

10. Test

Have a few colleagues or peers take your survey prior to sending it out. They can offer you valuable feedback on how clear your questions are and the answer structure/choices.

Political surveys enable you to keep the pulse on the opinions, beliefs and desires of the citizens under your jurisdiction. Implement the above tips to optimize your political survey, but remember to conduct them frequently to capture any trends or changes.
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