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Ten tips to improve your online customer survey

Posted on 2/1/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Surveys can be important tools to help you grow your business, launch your products, and keep in touch with your customers and their desires and expectations. These ten tips will help you improve your online customer survey, so you can improve participation and enjoy more beneficial results.

1. Have a specific goal or purpose.

Random surveys invite frustration and don’t reward your audience for their time adequately. Be specific in your goal and ask questions to that end.

2. Stick to the topic.

It’s tempting to cover all your bases when you have someone willing to participate in a survey. Stick to the topic and you’ll get better results.

3. Keep your survey short

Value your customers time and they will reward you with loyalty and participation in future surveys. Long-winded surveys increase the risk that your respondents “abandon” your survey before they’ve fully completed it.

4. Let your participants know why you’re conducting the survey.

If they understand your motivation, they may be able to provide more helpful and targeted feedback.

5. Make questions simple.

Stick to one-part questions that ask one thing to avoid ambiguity and frustration. Long-winded questions invite uncertainty as to the question’s meaning, and, as mentioned, they also risk that your survey drop rates.

6. Avoid leading questions.

While you may want customers to feel one way, it is important to keep questions neutral, so customers can give you honest answers and insights.

7. Brand your survey.

Believe it or not, branding the survey with your business name, logo, and information builds credibility and helps to establish trust in the survey.

8. Use survey software to analyze participants’ answers.

Survey software provides a neutral method of analyzing data and results from surveys. There is no bias and there is no human error to be concerned with the process.

9. Use a survey tool to identify your target audience.

Chances are that you have a select demographic group you prefer to participate in the survey. The right online survey software offers tools that help you select only members of that particular target audience (most likely buyers in most cases).

10. Pay attention to the feedback you receive.

There is little more frustrating to people who spend their time to provide thoughtful feedback to surveys than to have their insights dismissed and ignored. Let the group know the results and heed the feedback of the majority while listening to suggestions and advice from those in the minority as well. When you implement real changes your respondents see from their survey participation, it rewards you with increase loyalty to your products, services, and company.

Surveys can be crucial tools for helping you build your business. These online customer survey tips will help to ensure that you’re getting the participation you desire and actionable results to your questions.
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