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Ten best website survey questions to ask and why

Posted on 7/1/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A website survey helps your business collect your customers' and visitors' feedback about their experience of your website and how you can improve it. Website surveys can take many different forms from pop-ups in a corner, to small slide-ins to full-page overlays. They can be sent via email or text message and hosted on your website or with an independent hosting agent. Regardless of the style or delivery method you choose, a website survey tool will help you collect qualitative insight to help you determine the "why" behind your users' actions.

But, in order for you to understand what your target audience wants and what's behind their specific actions, you'll have to get into their shoes first. Conducting a website usability survey will allow you to gather information on what it is your visitors are looking for and if what you're presenting them is satisfying them.

What Website Surveys Measure

Your visitors' website usability is their ease of use while using your site. And, it takes a lot to offer your visitors an outstanding experience while they're using your website, such as:

• Ease of readability
• Clear navigation
• Responsiveness
• Accessibility on different browsers
• Meaningful content
• Intuitive design
• Clearly visible calls to action

These days, with a plethora of websites on virtually every product, survey or topic, you need to be satisfying users news to make strides against your competition.

10 Best Website Survey Questions to Ask

To find out what your visitors' user experience on your website is, you have to ask the right questions. But how do you know which questions to ask on your website survey software? Though you are not limited to these, here are the top 10.

1. Where did you learn about our website?
2. Did you find what you were searching for on this website?
3. Did you like the website design?
4. How was your website experience using your smartphone?
5. Could you easily navigate to other pages?
6. Did each page of the website provide the information you were looking for?
7. Was there any other information you were hoping to see on this website?
8. Was there one particular thing that almost kept you from making a purchase?
9. How likely are you to recommend this website to a colleague or friend?
10. What is the main reason why you chose us over the competition?

You want to be asking questions to your visitors via online survey software that will prompt meaningful insights. Obviously, there are far more questions you can ask on your website survey, but you don't want to go overboard either. If you do the latter, you risk survey abandonment, whereby the user quits the survey before finishing.

And keep in mind, while you could always use Google Analytics to analyze data for gathering insights on visitors' behavior, asking your visitors directly what they think about your site is always best -- although survey hosting companies may have built-in analytical tools that can help you identify trends or that may signal a problem or growth opportunity.

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