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Ten advantages of implementing a survey questionnaire

Posted on 8/1/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
A survey questionnaire is a research tool used for the purpose of collecting information from respondents. It consists of a series of questions that is most often used for decision making purposes and for operations improvement. 

Advantages of Survey Questionnaires 

Survey questionnaires have a number of distinct advantages over other types of surveys, such as face-to-face or telephone surveys. Let's review a few of these advantages:

1) First, survey questionnaires built by survey software are affordable. They don't require live survey takers to call respondents on the phone or stand at a shopping mall gathering responses from mall shoppers. They also eliminate postage, which can be expensive in mailed forms of surveys.

2) Next, the compilation of data is much simpler than other forms of surveys. Again, because this survey tool is created through online survey software, the responses can be analyzed electronically. Reports and graphed can be produced from the survey data, making statistical analysis a breeze.

3) Survey questionnaires are also practical. They enable organizations to collect a significant amount of information from a large target group of people.

4) Timeliness is another significant benefit of this type of survey instrument. Because the questionnaire can be hosted online or sent electronically via email, responses can be collected, tabulated and evaluated more quickly. On the other hand, there is frequently a large wait time to receive responses back on paper surveys.

5) Survey questionnaire reduce bias. Because there are no survey takers speaking with respondents to impart verbal or body language cues, some element of bias is reduced through an online survey. In other words, there is no middle-man, like there can be in some other survey forms. Because of this, the results may be considered to be more objective, and therefore more scientific.

6) Can be used to measure change. Another beautiful aspect of survey questionnaires is that it allows businesses (either for profit or non-profit) to measure change over time.

7) Survey questionnaires enable organizations to cover larger geographical areas than traditional face-to-face surveys.

8) Respondents are familiar with questionnaires. Nearly everyone at one time or the other have completed a questionnaire. Therefore, people are more willing to participate in this type of research.

9) A survey questionnaire is less intrusive than other types of survey delivery methods, such as a face-to-face survey. When designed through online survey software and administered via the web, respondents can choose to complete the questionnaire at a time and place that is convenient for them.

10) Ease of design. With today's sophisticated survey software, it is easy for businesses to craft an online survey tool that match the needs and goals of a business. The survey can be personalized with a company logo, to create a more intimate feel to the survey.

Bonus tip: Survey questionnaires offer flexibility not seen by other survey forms. Besides giving the respondents a flexible means to give their opinions, the order survey questions can be changed up (or even skipped) depending on the respondent's answer.

To summarize, among the different methods of collecting data for research purposes, the survey questionnaire is preferred by researchers and organizations alike due to its many strengths and benefits.
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