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Surveys in the cloud

Posted on 4/5/2011 by Jim in category: survey software articles
These days, when I look up in the clouds, I see something new: online survey software and especially Novi Survey. Cloud computing is one these umbrella terms that mean different things to different people so it may be useful to define what I mean. Cloud computing in the context of survey software means the ability to access the web survey software with excellent performance from widely separated geographical locations.

Cloud hosting services such as Amazon’s EC2 or Microsoft’s Azure allow locating web software relatively closely to where it will be accessed. By configuring multiple application servers on different continents, it is relatively easy to provide low latency, high bandwidth access to web servers running the Novi Survey tool. Through the cloud, these servers can all connect to the same database through a super high throughput backbone network connection. From the point of view of the users, as single install of Novi Survey software is accessed with excellent performance through a single simple link from anywhere around the globe. The magic of cloud computing and of modern networks allow the creation of a virtual single survey software system composed of multiple actual physical implementations. The beauty of this architecture is that scaling up is done by “simply” bringing in new servers online to handle the load.

There are of course many tricks and technical knowledge necessary to set this type of installation so that it performs reliably and with expected functionality.  The excellent Novi Survey IT team has developed the know-how for creating installs of Novi Survey in the cloud. If you have a need for an industrial grade online survey tool that can collect multi-million responses per day and be accessed from around the globe, we can help you set up and configure what is in our unbiased opinion the best survey software around: Novi Survey.

Happy surveying!

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