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Survey software features of modern consumer surveys

Posted on 5/1/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Consumer surveys offer many benefits to modern businesses. Whether your business is interested in learning about customer satisfaction, seeing how customers feel about customer service within your organization, or learning how customers make their purchasing decisions, there's a survey that can help you get that information -- and so much more. Below, you will find a few top features and services innovative survey software can offer your organization.

Web-Based, Email, and Mobile Surveys

The online and offline lives of consumers are beginning to blur. This makes it easier than ever to conduct web-based, email, and mobile surveys to learn a wide range of things about your customers, their expectations, their preferences, and their perceptions of your business, products, and brand. Because consumers are increasingly using mobile phones and tablet devices for surveys and more, online survey software makes it easy to create surveys compatible for these devices.

Use of Survey Software

The survey tool makes survey creation a simple process, enabling you the opportunity to customize the appearance of the survey and allows you to restrict customers from taking the survey more than once. The best online survey software allows you multiple options for administering surveys including via web-pages, through emails, and even mobile devices.

Analytics and Reports

The key to any survey is the analysis of the collected information, and acting upon that analysis to implement improvements. Advanced survey software features can analyze the information received and create percentages and pie charts for you. It's wise to look for a survey tool that provides detailed charts or tables filled with the data gathered from the survey.

Customer Engagement

Customers like to feel as though they are influencing your business decisions when they answer these survey questions. For many people, it's not about incentives offered. It's about a genuine desire to help businesses improve products they use every day. Let them see the results in action and know that their answers have helped influence the way you make your products, serve customers, or create new products. This creates more engaged consumers for your business and helps foster brand loyalty among the customers you serve.


Speaking of brand loyalty, it is important for businesses today, no matter how large or small they may be. The rise of social media makes it more important today than in years past because the right or wrong story going viral can have a profound impact on the bottom line of any business. Surveys can help you gain insight into how consumers, especially those within your target audience, perceive your brand.


People value their time. Consider software and survey tools that allow you to give customers an indicator of how much longer the survey will take. Whether it's an indicator telling survey takers how many questions or pages are left in the survey or an approximation that the survey should require "X" number of minutes of their time. They want to be able to move quickly through the survey and get back to their regularly scheduled web browsing.

These are only a few of the features modern consumer surveys have to offer. Is your business using surveys to effectively make decisions about customer service training, product creation, and better branding? If not, why not?
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