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Survey analysis is a critical and exciting step in the overall online survey process

Posted on 4/1/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
You have designed, implemented, and conducted a survey using survey software and are eager to get the results. More importantly, you're anxious to understand what the results of your survey tool mean -- and the implications they have for your business. But do you know how to get the most out of your survey analysis? 

You could spend countless hours looking at individual responses, but if your target respondent group was quite large, this is not only time consuming, but resource heavy. It might also cause you to lose sight of the forest in spite of the trees. In other words, you may overlook trends and miss out on the bigger picture.

The ultimate objective of survey analysis is to make informed business decisions based upon accurate, meaningful, value-added conclusions from your survey responses. By acting quickly and appropriately on complaints, in addition to compliments, you will not only make your survey respondents and customers feel valued, but you will be able to more swiftly grow your business.

Whether a company wants to fine-tune a current product line or change directions in its marketing campaign, data analysis is the underlying component to making the most informed decision. Or, if your survey tool’s goal is to understand the characteristics and behaviors of your typical customer, then survey analysis helps you transform raw survey data into information that gives you a clear picture of your targeted customer.

Data viewed in a visual manner through high-quality graphs and charts, including pie, line, bar, and doughnut formats, can highlight problem areas or trends much more quickly than examining individual responses. Exporting data to Excel, PDF, and other formats is helpful to share important survey findings. That is not to say that you cannot dig down to examine individual responses in more detail. Today's online survey software provides advanced survey tools to make it simple to do so. Also inherent in survey software is powerful and intuitive filtering that helps you display responses in multiple formats as well as group data. Again, advanced online survey software gives you the ability to combine survey analysis from multiple surveys.

Survey analysis can be as easy as downloading online survey software results and analyzing visual results from a chart or graph. Yet, it can also be more complex involving regression analysis, cross tabulation, and careful interpretation. Either way, actionable results, both short-term or long-term, can be made based upon a solid foundation.

In summary, survey analysis is a critical and an exciting step in the overall survey administration process. It is the time when you get to uncover trends you didn't even know existed or reveal insightful information about your customers. Once you learn more about your customers and business trends, you'll have a built-in guide for better decisions. Whether you are looking to conduct long-range planning or take immediate action, survey analysis performed using online survey software gives you confidence and success in your decisions. 

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