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Summer is a great time to send out a course evaluation survey

Posted on 6/3/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

The right time to send out a course evaluation survey depends solely upon the information you are looking to gather. To improve courses and teachings for future students, many universities and colleges utilize online survey software during the middle of the school year and throughout summertime to send course evaluations. These evaluations not only allow for feedback about the instructor, but allow for the students themselves to provide feedback on their overall learning experience throughout the year.

Benefits of end of term evaluations

It’s not an easy task for administrators and teachers to craft engaging and effective educational courses well-suited to students’ needs. And, it can be difficult to gauge how well students are absorbing the material and how well the teacher’s style match student’s needs.

End-of-year course evaluations, usually provided during the summer, are used to determine the overall success of the course. These evaluations allow for an informed course and professor evaluation. They may be used for annual reviews, promotions, or even determining tenure offers for staff members, not to mention improved course design.

Course evaluations benefit

• The student, allowing them to voice their concerns and share their experiences

• The professor, allowing him/her to see what is and is not working throughout their teachings

• Future students, allowing to break down, refine, and restructure courses making them more effective for future students.

Online course evaluations give the ability to collect information regarding the course itself, the instructor, any staff members included within the course, and your overall experience. Through the use of course evaluations, instructors can assess aspects of their course material or teaching habits that may need to be changed to enhance future class experiences.

Utilizing survey software makes creating and sending evaluations a breeze among professors. By using these survey tools you can easily create, build, and send off the course evaluation to the intended prospects.

Sample questions at the end of term surveys

When utilizing a survey tool, it is important to keep the questions readable to all. Use questions that require true/false, yes/no, or numerical 1-10 answers. Below are a few examples of questions commonly asked throughout course surveys.

Instructor focused survey

• The instructor is knowledgeable about the course material.
     o     True/false
• The instructor answers questions effectively.
    o True/false or yes/no
• The professor has a professional presentation and courteous manner towards the students.
    o True/false

Course structure questions

• The readings were appropriate to the goals of the course.
    o True/false
• Expectations for student learning were clearly defined.
    o True/false
• On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this course to a friend?
    o 1-10 numerical answer choices.

End-of-year course evaluations, sent out in the summer, are usually non-negotiable and require student participation. There is no flexibility when it comes to the time frame the evaluation is sent out, they must stick to a strict timeline.

Overall, utilizing course evaluation surveys, sent out in the summer, offers the most accurate evaluation of the professor and the course itself.

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