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Steps to design a great customer feedback survey using survey software

Posted on 6/13/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Satisfied and happy customers will be more likely to do business with you again, buy your products and recommend your services to others. A loyal customer is far more valuable than their first purchase. But, how can you check to see if you're providing your customers with the best service possible? You need to send them a customer feedback survey. So, here are some tips to designing that perfect customer feedback survey.

1. Clearly Define the Purpose of your Feedback Survey

Letting your customers know exactly what the purpose and focus of your survey will prompt them to provide you with the most valuable feedback. If you confuse your customers with your survey software, they're likely going to simply exit your survey. You want to ensure your survey is simple for them to provide their feedback and be engaged in their answers.

Therefore, at the beginning of your survey (preferably your title), let your customers know exactly what you're looking for in their answers.

2. Keep Your Survey Brief

If you give your customers a three-page interrogation, they're going to likely avoid it. Ensure your online survey software provides a short customer feedback survey. According to Neilsen, only 16 percent of web users today do more than simply skim through individual sentences and keywords when they're reading online information. Therefore, if you're not looking for only 16 meaningful and helpful responses out of every 100, be sure you limit your survey's length.

3. Allow Open Text Feedback

Include open text questions so you can gather up open-ended responses from your customers. Open-ended responses will provide you with more detail about the experience your customers have with your business and you could uncover new information and insight you weren't expecting, whether glowing reviews or areas you need to improve upon.

4. Optimize for Mobile

A lot of customers are now using their mobile devices to complete surveys, so you should make sure you optimize your survey for smartphones especially, but tablets too, If your survey tool is too complicated for your customers to respond via their mobile device, their participation level will decrease as will your survey abandonment rate.

5. Measure and Track the Feedback

This is important. Tracking feedback provides you with the power to see where your business was, where it's going and where you can make important changes and improvements. A great way of measuring and tracking the feedback is by releasing monthly, quarterly or yearly surveys.

Satisfying customers is the key to not only keeping loyal customers, but bringing in new ones too. Designing a great customer feedback survey using a modern survey software tool is the great strategy to learn more about your customers and keep them happy and satisfied. Novi Survey offers advanced survey software for email surveys, web-based surveys and mobile surveys to help you meet this goal. Contact us today or register for a demo to learn more.
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