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Staff satisfaction surveys help to determine employee alignment to company goals and mission

Posted on 4/12/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Learning about the good, the bad, and the ugly is the overall goal of staff satisfaction surveys, also referred to as employee satisfaction surveys. Being proactive in addressing employee-satisfaction issues is certainly better than being reactive, especially if the issues are affecting worker productivity. An employee satisfaction survey tool helps to not only measure employees' opinions, attitude, satisfaction, motivation, and company culture, but also understand it. Keep in mind, no one is as familiar with the company's culture as the people who work there every day.

Most staff satisfaction surveys are welcomed by employees as long as they know three things. First, it's important that the results of an online survey on employee satisfaction are completely anonymous. Second, employees want to know that their responses are carefully evaluated -- and not a waste of their time. Third, employees need to be sure that staff survey responses will be used to improve the department and company.

The first step in building your staff satisfaction survey tool is to determine the staff survey questions that you want to ask. These can include likes, dislikes, and job challenges as well as questions about climate and working conditions. Of course, survey software questions relating to communication, autonomy and overall satisfaction are important, as are questions about management support, training, work pressure, and meaningfulness of work. Training is often a source of employee frustration, especially in dynamic companies that are experiencing growth, regulatory changes or policy modifications. Understanding how well an organization communicates is another important benefit of a staff satisfaction survey tool.

The important thing to note here is that online survey software questions shouldn't lead to a desired response. They also shouldn't be vague, which may cause the response to be biased since it was open to interpretation. You may even locate staff surveys questions that have proven to be objective and effective in employee satisfaction surveys.

Although free text in online survey software response questions has its place, it's usually difficult to analyze and measure -- and time consuming to do so. Further, businesses today have to comply with an increasing array of regulations, which must be disseminated throughout the organization -- and more importantly put into practice. A staff satisfaction online survey software is a cost effective method to determine the dissemination of regulatory compliance information.

Many times employee problems are "hidden" from management, especially senior management. A staff satisfaction survey tool can bring these issues to light, before they become detrimental to the company. Further, an initial employee satisfaction survey can serve as an important benchmark, similar to a financial benchmark, in which company management can compare the results year to year.

At the broadest level, survey software is used to design a staff satisfaction survey needs to address: the employee, the job, the company, and the environment. Individual online survey software questions designed with these four broad areas in mind will evoke meaningful data and information needed to improve employee productivity and satisfaction. Lastly, and also on a broader scale, a staff satisfaction online survey tool can indicate if employees are aligned properly with the company's overall goals and mission.
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