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Sophisticated functionality of online email survey software

Posted on 2/4/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Email survey software has advanced capabilities that can help you make decisions for your business. Using the latest functionality available, you can reasonably expect to: 

  • Collect information about how a client feels about a new product or service. 
  • Find out how attendees at your big conference felt about the agenda, topics, speakers, setting and the city where it was held. 
  • Ask clients and others affected by your nonprofit what works and what doesn't.

Here is a look at what sophisticated email or online survey software can do for you and your group.

Sending and Tracking Invitations and Responses

Software can be programmed to send invitations, keep track of the responses, and check the delivery rates. Using distribution lists, you can organize your contacts. They can easily be imported from Outlook, Excel, or another program.

The software also allows you to embed your survey into a webpage. Visitors can also click a link in a post or on social media to gain access to the survey or invitation.

Skip Logic

Many times certain questions are pertinent for just specific segments of your target audience. You want the ability to let respondents skip questions or even entire areas of the survey. This is commonly seen in questions like, "If you answer x, then skip to section 2."

This is called skip logic or routing. Advanced email survey software has this capability. Letting them pass over sections that aren't relevant makes taking the survey a much happier experience for respondents.


People tend to answer questions in a certain way, depending on where they are offered in the list and what order they are presented. This fact can affect the quality of responses.

Advanced email survey software has the ability to automatically move the location of questions, a process called randomization. This helps you trust the quality of the responses to your survey.

Answer Piping and Advanced Piping

Piping is the capability to pull answers from one section to another of a survey. One common use is extracting answer to the question "where do you live" and use it in a follow-up question. For example, in the next question, you can ask, "What do you enjoy most about living in Chicago?" or whatever city they answered to the prior question.

The most cutting edge software lets you coordinate piping with skip logic, giving you the ability to customize your survey to an extensive degree.

Data Analysis

After collecting all this data, you want to have the ability to analyze it. Since the whole purpose of a survey is to help you make a decision based on parsing the finding, you have to know how to put the answers into a meaningful context.

Almost all survey software summarizes the answers and let you download the data. But for more complex analysis, you need an advanced program, one with the right survey tool that lets you cross-tabulate, filter, weight and score responses.

A survey can be an accurate way to pinpoint data you need to find out how customers and clients feel about your program, products and services. To get meaningful results, you need software that does more than just collect responses. It should be able to arrange, report, and analyze them as effectively as possible. Advanced email survey software can make your next survey a positive tool for decision-making.
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