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Six types of job surveys you should implement in your company

Posted on 9/11/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
An employee or job survey will allow you to obtain feedback from your employees at any point in time, allowing you to see culture trends over time. You have many options to incorporate employee surveys into your online survey software to help you make decisions for creating more productive and engaged employees and a better workplace culture. Here are 6 types of job surveys to implement in your company.

1. Job Satisfaction Survey

Support a productive and happy workplace through the use of surveys to ask about employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Are your employees' objectives clear and do they feel their work is meaningful? What are your employees passionate about and what motivates them? A job satisfaction survey helps you make a meaningful connection between your business goals and your employees' criteria for job satisfaction. This allows you to engage your workplace and your employees in a completely satisfying way.

2. Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee satisfaction are metrics you use for gauging business value and overall employee sentiment. Employee survey software is often used for collecting supporting information to quantify your main business metrics. When you measure employee satisfaction on a consistent basis through surveys, you can shed light on elements of corporate structure and employee culture you can improve. By finding the gaps in overall employee experience, it allows your company to shift your strategies to align with your employees' pain points.

3. Leadership Style Survey

A leadership style survey is a type of 360-degree assessment. It's designed for evaluating your leadership style from various viewpoints which includes yours and those of the supervisors and colleagues. It's not the same as other 360-degree assessments since it evaluats certain leadership behaviors that produce good outcomes for your organization. Your participants will receive narrative feedback with numerical scores for each of the leadership skills.

4. 360 Assessment Survey

This type of survey is a process or system where employees receive anonymous, confidential feedback from those working around them. Usually, this includes the employee's peers, manager and direct reports. You can also use a 360 assessment survey as a helpful development tool for those who aren't in a management role.

5. Employee Culture Survey

An employee culture survey is a tool for collecting insights from your employees to evaluate and improve your company and make improvements in upcoming investments, leadership strategies and overall changes in your company. It's a survey that assesses how well-aligned your company's culture is with its propagated ethics and values.

6. Employee Exit Interview Surveys

An employee exit interview survey tool helps you understand how individuals who leave your organization perceive it as an employee in transition. You can obtain details on where your employees are headed, why they're leaving and what their experience was like when they worked with your organization. You can customize code or questions for non-regrettable / regrettable exits, helping to make the data you collect more useful.

Job surveys are a good way of soliciting employee feedback on a whole range of workplace problems. Using online survey software to create and distribute employee or job surveys can encompass numerous areas across your business.
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